[Top 10] The Outer Worlds Best Achievements and How To Get Them

The Outer Worlds Best Achievements
Achieve greatness and the 100%

The Outer Worlds Best Achievements and How To Get Them

We are all achievement hunters at heart here are a few achievements that make up a long list.


10. Welcome To Halcyon

A very easy achievement to get on the very first playthrough. 

How to Get Achievement:

  • Create a character
  • As soon as you land achievement granted

Welcome to Halcyon Details:

  • Very simple to get 
  • First achievement everyone gets

  9. Everybody Likes Me

An achievement easy to get with just an hour of playing.

How to get achievement

  • Play through the game being nice to every faction 
  • Get positive reputation with three factions

Everybody Likes Me Details:

  • Works best when going for the good ending
  • Help all factions 

  8. Paradise Found

A rare achievement granted by just landing on Byzantium.

How to get achievement:

  • Finish the main quest line on Monarch
  • Return to Phineas and he will give you his navkey to Byzantium on Terra 2.

Paradise Found Details:

  • Unmissable story achievement

  7. All for One

Companion quests are easy to accomplish and open up some great storytelling and character development. 

How to get achievement:

  • Play through game
  • Get companions
  • As the game progresses and different places open up companions talk to you and give you the quests 
  • Complete all 5 companion quests
  • Achievement granted

All for One Details:

  • Sheds light on each companion
  • Doing companion quests gives them unique perks
  • Rare achievement

  6. Lost and Found

Skip the hope safely so the colonists can be saved.

How to get achievement:

  • Complete main quest “Kept Secret but Not Forgotten”
  • Go to the hope and skip it to one of two destinations

Lost and Found Details:

  • unmissable story achievement
  • Cannot miss it

  5. Sunburn


An achievement that is tied to a secret ending you don’t want to miss.

How to get achievement:

  • Create a low intelligence character 
  • Complete main quest “Kept Secret but Not Forgotten”
  • Attempt to skip the hope yourself
  • Pick dumb dialogue
  • Get achievement as you go towards the sun

Sunburn Details:

  • Secret ending

  4. Peace in Our Time

A worthwhile achievement to go for when going for a true good ending.

How to get Achievement:

  • Stop the radio transmissions and got the info sent to Phineas during main quest
  • A UDL ship will crash into the planet
  • Go to ship and get the targeting module
  • Talk Sanjar and Zora into working with each other for their own best interests make sure to complete both of their quests
  • To have the Iconoclasts agree you need to have Zora overthrow Graham
  • Sanjar can then be talked into working with Zora if you find her report from the Rizzo’s Lab in the same area you get the items for Sublight
  • talk them into meeting at the OSI church just outside the city
  •  give neutral and encouraging answers to have them talk it out and agree to work together
  • Achievement granted

Peace in our Time Details:

  • Save regularly so not to mess up the sequence 
  • Great for a true good ending

  3. A Star is Born

Realize your dream to become an actor/actress and star in an Odeon Pictures Movie.

How to get Achievement:

  • Go to Byzantium
  • take an elevator up to the higher levels.
  • Hang a left at the top,  another left, and shortly on your right, A man named Maverian Johnston is standing beside a drone.
  • Talk to him, accept his proposal to get the "at central" side quest.
  • After completing the quest you will get the achievement 

A Star is Born Details:

  • Become a movie star

  2. Destroyer of Worlds

An achievement easy to get in less than an hour.

How to get this Achievement:

  • Play through doing evil things to three factions
  • Get 75% negative reputation 

Destroyer of Worlds Details:

  • Very easy to get

  1. Supernova

Increased game difficulty allows for a challenging playthrough and this achievement.

How to get Achievement:

  • Pick Supernova difficulty
  • Create Character
  • Play through game
  • Beat game on supernova Difficulty
  • Achievement granted

Supernova Details:

  • A challenging difficulty
  • Ultra rare Achievement

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