Top 10 The Outer Worlds Best Weapons

Best Outerworlds Weapons
All around me are familiar weapons.

Top 10 The Outer Worlds Best Weapons

10. Landing Pad Cutter

What makes the Landing Pad Cutter awesome?

  • It’s a 2-handed melee weapon
  • Can do plasma damage

Landing Pad Cutter Stats

  • Skill: 2-handed melee
  • Damage type: Plasma
  • Special Effect: Bleed

How to get the Landing pad Cutter:


9. Ol’ Reliable

What makes Ol’ Reliable awesome?

  • Can cause enemies to stagger 
  • Can do even more damage with heavy weapons skill

Ol’ Reliable Stats

  • Skill: Heavy Weapons
  • Damage type: Physical
  • Ammo: Light ammo
  • Special Effect: stagger

How to get Ol’ Reliable: 

8. Rapti-prod

A toss ball stick modified to keep raptidons in line but who knows for how long these beasts will let the scientists get away with it.

What makes Rapti-prod awesome?

  • Takes one second to equip
  • Does shock damage which has a chance to disintegrate enemies

Rapti-prod stats

  • Skill: 2-handed Melee
  • Damage Type: shock

How to get Rapti-prod:

7. Anti-Manti Ray

Start Video at:1:56

Found among the bones of hunters and marauders looking to kill the mantisaur queen only to not succeed and lose their lives who knows who created it. It's too bad they didn't know it would be ineffective. 

What makes the Anti-Manti Ray awesome?

  • Is useful against Auto Mechanics
  • Can be modified to change acid damage to corrosion

Anti-Manti Ray Stats

  • Damage Type: Corrosion
  • Ammo: Energy Cells
  • Special Effect: Stagger

How to get Anti-Manti Ray:

6. Purpleberry Launch

Start Video at: 1:29

Among the ruins of Cascadia in the Monarch wilderness holds a unique plasma launcher, modified by someone possibly obsessed with purple berries that changed its damage from plasma to N-Ray.

What makes the Purpleberry Launch awesome?

  • Damage can be improved by the heavy weapons skill
  • N-rays do damage over time ignoring armor
  • Damage can stack

Purpleberry Launch Stats

  • Damage Type: N-Ray
  • Ammo: Energy Cell
  • Special Effect: Burn

How to get Purpleberry Launch: 

5. Supper Time

Start Video at: 6:54

In the ruins of Stellar Bay resides a seemingly nice family who will welcome anyone for supper. In fact you could say they want you for supper. Snoop too long and you may find this blade resting within your flesh.

What makes Supper Time awesome?

  • Allows you to attack faster
  • With its corrosive damage is effective against auto mechanics
  • On top of destroying armor causes enemies to bleed

Supper Time Stats

  • Damage type: Corrosion
  • Special Effect: Bleed

How to get Supper Time: 

4. Thunder 

Among a corporate outpost holds a weapon locker containing Thunder who knows who modified this weapon. 

What makes Thunder Awesome?

  • Has increased critical damage due to the shock damage only for thunder
  • Possibly referenced after an Imagine Dragons song

Thunder Stats

  • Damage Type: Shock
  • Ammo: Heavy ammo
  • Special Effect: Stagger

How to get Thunder: 

3. Rapti-don't 

Start Video at: 6:22

Northeast of Cascadia past the sulfur pits teaming with raptidons lies a wondrous sight: a pile of dead raptidons, taken out by a mysterious hero who took his final stand against the beastly threat most likely taken out by Chimera themself.

What makes Rapti-don’t Awesome?

  • Shoots Fast dealing plasma damage
  • Rate of fire is good for early game

Rapti-don’t Stats

  • Damage Type: Plasma
  • Ammo: Energy Cell
  • Special Effect: Knockback

How to get Rapti-don't: 

2. Shrink ray

 Start Video at: 3:49

The Shrink ray was invented by Phineas Welles that is capable of shrinking any living being it is fired at. Unsure why Phineas invented such a weapon, maybe he wanted to shrink his tumor pigs to adorable sizes.

What makes the shrink ray so awesome?

  • Can get stronger with the science skill
  • Has a hidden effect to actually shrink enemies 

Shrink ray Stats

  • Skill: handgun
  • Damage type: Plasma
  • Special Effect: weaken
  • Ammo Type: Energy Cell

How to get the Shrink ray: 

1. Hammer of Olympus

Start Video at: 1:52

Within the sundered rock lies a hammer a worthy foe to any automechanical, while not forged by Hephaestus it’s equally as powerful even if its made by Aramid Ballistics 

What makes the Hammer of Olympus Awesome?

  • Unique variant of the pulse hammer
  • Each hit does 167 shock damage 

Hammer of Olympus Stats

  • Skill: 2-Handed melee
  • Damage Type: Shock
  • Special Effect: Stun

Where to get Hammer of Olympus: 


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