[Top 10] The Outer Worlds Best Aptitude

The Outer Worlds Best Aptitude
So many aptitudes to choose from

[Top 10] The Outer Worlds Best Aptitude

10.”No Discernible Aptitude

“Colonist” an entry-level career for a person of your skills. You had the rest of your life to decide how to be useful in Halcyon.

What’s great about No Discernible Aptitude

  • It’s perfect for any playthrough that involves companions and persuasion
  • Combined with charm it can create a very interesting dialogue-based character

Get this Aptitude if you

  • Want your companions to have more health
  • Want to use companions in your playthrough
  • Want your companions to survive longer in battle

No Discernible Aptitude Details:

  • Determination +1

9.Cashier, Sub-Grade, Non-Supervisory

No transaction is finished without a smile. You live for the ka-chunk of a bit cartridge getting inserted right side up, the redemption of loyalty points, and the promise of a good day.

What’s great about Cashier, Subgrade, Non-Supervisory

  • Higher persuasion can cause the game to get better by convincing NPCs and when talking with companions
  • Cowering enemies also make survival easier and with maxed persuasion enemy cowering makes it really easy to survive

Get this Aptitude if you

  • Want to make enemies cower
  • Want to persuade anyone and every faction
  • Like the thought of roleplaying a space cashier 

Cashier, Sub Grade, Non-Supervisory Details:

  • Persuade +1

8.Elevator Operations Specialist

A proper lift goes up and down. Anyone who thinks otherwise isn’t fit to wear the badge.

What’s great about Elevator Operations Specialists

  • Improved armor and weapons means you don’t have to worry about them breaking on you in battle
  • Mods you get from breaking down can improve other skills and what kind of damage you can do.
  • A few examples of mods are silver tongue which improves persuasion, mister N which gives a weapon N-ray damage, and Backpack to improve carry capacity 

Get this Aptitude if you

  • Want to make sure armor and weapons are in top shape without using many parts to repair
  • Want a chance to get more armor and weapon parts to do repairs 
  • Want an enhanced chance to get rare mods for armor and weapons

Elevator Operations Specialists Details:

  • Engineering +1

7.Farmer, Dirt

Toy got into this business for the tubers, but you stayed for the plowing, pruning, and plucking.

What’s great about Farmer, Dirt

  • Resisting N-ray damage is essential due to it doing more damage than the other damage types
  • N-ray damage ignores armor entirely
  • Roleplaying as a dirt farmer in space is always a fun time especially because you can find a shovel as a weapon

Get this Aptitude if you

  • Want a bit more resistance to N-Ray damage

Farmer, Dirt Details:

  • N-Ray Damage Received -3%

6.Janitor, Sanitation Class

You spend your evenings kneeling over ominous stains with a bottle of caustic solvent and an absorbent rag.

What’s great about Janitor, Sanitation Class

  • Resisting corrosion can also be essential because it destroys armor and ignores your armor altogether 
  • Space janitor sounds like a fun roleplay opportunity

Get this Aptitude if you

  • Want a bit more resistance to Corrosion Damage
  • Don’t want your armor to be destroyed

Janitor, Sanitation Class Details:

  • Corrosion Damage Received -3%

5.Tossball Team Mascot

There isn’t a problem in all the cosmos that team spirit and a big stick couldn’t solve together.

What’s great about Tossball Team Mascot

  • Inspiring your team to do special attacks and give them extra damage while combined with science to tinker their weapons to be stronger
  • Tossball sticks are a melee weapon so there is a roleplay opportunity to be made

Get this Aptitude if you

  • Want your companions to do more damage
  • Want to see your companions special attacks

Tossball Team Mascot Details:

  • Inspiration +1

4.Medical Technician, Junior Grade

Prior to leaving earth, you earned the trust of the medical community’s most esteemed junior surgeons, who entrusted you with stuffing cotton balls into pill bottles.

What’s great about Medical Technician, Junior Grade

  • More medical means more stuff you can add to the medical inhaler
  • From life regeneration per second to extra health it’s always important to have
  • Medical also gives unique dialogue options throughout the game

Get this Aptitude if you

  • Want more health to be healed from the medical inhaler 
  • Want to add more medical slots for more healing items
  • Want to inhale a loaf of bread

Medical Technician, Junior Grade Details:

  • Medical +1

3.Safety Instructor

In your line of work, the corporation’s bottom line needs more protection than its personnel.

What’s great about Safety Instructor

  • Resisting plasma damage even if not as bad as corrosion or N-ray if you are doing a playthrough with clothing it can do more damage
  • It can cause a burn effect which without any armor can be deadly

Get this Aptitude if you

  • Want a bit more resistance to Plasma Damage

Safety Instructor Details:

  • Plasma Damage Received -3%

2.Scientist Assistant, Level 0, Class A

You’ve cleaned out enough test tubes to develop a keen instinct for what goes in them and why. Maybe you didn’t get in this business to mop up the leavings of failed experiments.

What’s great about Scientist Assistant, Level 0, Class A

  • Extra science allows you to improve armor and weapons with just the right bits
  • It improves the special effects of science weapons 
  • The more science means the less it costs to tinker

Get this Aptitude if you

  • Want to do more damage with plasma and shock
  • Want to use science weapons
  • Want to be able to tinker and make weapons better

Scientist Assistant, Level 0, Class A Details:

  • Science +1

1.Sub Sous Chef

The hierarchy of a modern kitchen is a ladder of many rungs. Your role as assistant to the second deputy chef’s aid is one of the middling distinctions.

What’s great about Sub Sous Chef

  • Putting all six points into the Body attribute can improve 1-handed melee substantially
  • Sneak attack 1-handed melee attack can one-hit anything 
  • A space chef hitting people with a spade or anything blunt is always hilarious

Get this Aptitude if you

  • Want 1-handed melee crit chance
  • Want extra reach with a 1-handed weapon

Sub Sous Chef Details:

  • 1-Handed Melee +1

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