[Top 10] The Outer Worlds Best Mods

The Outer Worlds Best Mods
A simple mod or two can make any game good.

What Are The Best Outer Worlds Mods?

Sometimes a mod can add more fun to a game so give these mods a try.


10. Skip Startup Splash No-Intro Video 

The Skip Startup Splash mod is a very simple mod that allows you to jump right into a game without choosing to watch the intro video or by skipping it manually. It’s worth it if you really want to get right into the action and create your character

How the mod makes more fun:

  • Perfect for speed runs
  • For anyone who just wants to play and skip the cutscene

Get the mod here:

Skip Startup Splash

9. The Outer Souls- Deprived

The Outer Souls mod adds more with a modified supernova difficulty with this in mind it is not for everyone. Everything is altered to make things extremely more difficult so be prepared.

How the mod makes it more fun:

  • Makes supernova difficulty more difficult
  • Gives a challenge to anyone who loves challenges 
  • Character is already set since this is a save file

Get the mod here:

Outer Souls

8. The Tweaked Outer Worlds

Basic tweaks that disable any unwanted gfx effects and mouse smoothing. Settings which can’t be disabled by in-game menus.

How the mod makes it more fun

  • Makes everything smoother
  • Makes gameplay much better to look at

Get the mod here:

Tweaked Outer Worlds

7. Potato Mode

Gives your game a retro look by tweaking the graphics to look not very crisp but smooth. It makes for a great gameplay experience.

How the mod makes it more fun:

  • Gives a flat cartoony look
  • Allows the game to run smoothly

Get the Mod here:

Potato Mode

6. Subtler World

A simple re-shade preset that adds image sharpness and makes the color palette a bit subtler so it can be easy on the eye without changing overall style much. This mod is intended to be used as-is

How this mod makes it more fun:

  • Good on the eyes
  • Allows for a crisper playthrough

Get the Mod here:

Subtler World

5. Neutral LUT

A Reshade to replace the games stylized color palette with something more neutral.

How this mod makes the game more fun:

  • A change in color palette can make for an interesting experience 

Get the mod here:

Neutral LUT

4. Ultimate New Game Plus Save

A new start with a character maxed out in all possible fields. Now you can play through and feel overpowered.

How this Mod makes the game more fun:

  • New game plus is always fun
  • Overpowered from the beginning 
  • Let the speed runs begin 

Get the Mod here:

Ultimate NG+

3. Better ADA Portrait- Jenna Upgrade

Replaces the portrait textures of ADA with better-looking textures. Changes ADA into Jenna, it’s always nice to make a change.

How this Mod makes the game more fun:

  • A small change to ADA makes for different playthroughs

Get the mod here:

ADA to Jenna

2. Hardcore- There is no easy way out

A modified save game with drastically increased difficulty when you want a challenge at the start. Be prepared to fight for your life.

How this mod makes the game more fun:

  • Added difficulty perfect for those seeking a challenge
  • Premade save file adds to the challenge

Get the Mod here:


1. REM over ADA

Anyone that loves anime that wants to see one of their beloved waifus every time they go back to the ship. The mod replaced ADA with REM from Re: Zero.

How this mod makes the game more fun:

  • Changing ADA is always a plus
  • We all need a ship wife

Get the mod here:

REM over ADA

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