Dota 2 Best Weather (All Weather Ranked)

Immerse yourself in the world of Dota 2 with these custom weather effects

Weather Effects

Weather effects in Dota 2 started coming into the game from the 2014 BattlePass and can be a great way to customize and spice up your gameplay experience.  In this article, we will go over the 9 current custom weather effects you can choose from in the game.

  • Weather Ash
  • Weather Aurora
  • Weather Harvest
  • Weather Moonbeam
  • Weather Pestilence
  • Weather Rain
  • Weather Sirocco
  • Weather Snow
  • Weather Spring

9. Weather Ash

To start off this list, we have an apocalyptic amber weather effect that makes it look like the aftermath of a firestorm. The weather effect features some charred forests for the Dire side and some incandescent ambient lighting effects that really give a rustic and uneasy feel to the battlefield. If you enjoy a sense of mystery and like a deep sense of immersion, then this weather effect is right for you! 


  • Falling Embers and red particle effects
  • Ambience lighting effects and dappled light
  • Glowing red cinders on specific areas of the map
  • Custom soundscape effects including Raven calls and unstable tones

8. Weather Aurora

Next off, we have a completely different look and feel weather effect. While the Ash weather effect gives off some dangerous and suspenseful vibes, Aurora enriches the battlefield with spectacles of magic and wonder. The Weather effect turns the terrain into an elvish and mystical tone, layered with hints of singing souls that linger on from eons passed. 


  • Sheets of filtered hazy blue light
  • Ambience lighting effects
  • Building effects with smoky ancestral light
  • Custom soundscape effects including bird calls and Radiant noises

Start at: 5:30

7. Weather Harvest

Weather Harvest gives off some “Autumn” vibes, from its orange and ombre tones, to the falling leaves and shards of light that only just pierce the grounds of the battlefield. This weather effect is aligned to players that wish to play Dota 2 in the dwindling hours of the night, offering some sense of peace and tranquility to what is a chaotic battlescape. 


  • Falling leaves 
  • Orange particle effects in the air
  • Bats that fly around particular locations of the map
  • Custom soundscape effects including bat noises

Start at: 0:07

6. Weather Moonbeam

As the name suggests, Moonbeam casts a nightish glimmer over the Ancients and the fields, perfect for players of the night that enjoy heroes such as Luna, Nightstalker and Mirana. Moonbeam is the first type of weather effect ever introduced into the game and casts a purplish haze across the battlefield for riders in the night. 


  • Ambient blue lighting effects
  • Butterflies that fly around particular locations of the map
  • Custom soundscape effects including Raven calls and Radiant noises

Start at: 1:16

5. Weather Pestilence

Pestilence is the otherworldly weather effect that makes the air thick with greenish smog and ghastly odor. Supposedly representing the arid and acidic plains that cover the lands of the Underlord, this weather effect boasts an ominous and suffocating atmosphere that is sure fitted for players who want to drown their opponents in clouds of toxic plague. 


  • Ambient green lighting effects
  • Black particle effects
  • Occulent green fog
  • Custom soundscape effects including day and night rain

Start at: 0:55

4. Weather Rain

The Weather Rain effect is personally one of my favorite weather effects as it gives a sort of calm and relaxing vibe to your gaming experience. The gentle patter of rain is unlike most other weather effects, making your gaming experience more immersive and unique. 


  • Rain effects
  • Lightning ambient effects
  • Custom soundscape effects including Raven, Bat and Owl sounds

Start at: 0:06

3. Weather Sirocco

Sirocco is the desert weather effect that is perfect for your everyday Sand King player who enjoys the battlefield a little more dusty. The effect includes raging gusts of wind that turns your terrain into the very sands of the Sahara, making goggles a must when playing with this effect toggled on. 


  • Wind gust animations
  • Light Sand particles effects
  • Custom soundscape effects including wind gust sounds

Start at: 1:41

2. Weather Snow

There’s not much too much to say except that if you like snow, then you’ll like this weather effect. Get frosty with your fellow Crystal Maiden and Winter Wyvern teammates and bury yourself in the ever-falling snow shower that turns your ranked matchmaking games into a winter wonderland! 


  • Light misty effects
  • Custom breath fog animations for Creeps as well as heroes
  • Snow particles effects
  • Custom soundscape effects including Snowy gust sounds

Start at 2:40

1. Weather Spring

The final weather effect is probably the most beautiful weather effect in the game so far, turning the terrain of the battlefield into a peaceful meadow full of rich flora and lavender. Frolic in the flowery fields and watch the beautiful colors of nature envelope the Radiant and Dire structures. 


  • Beautiful falling leaves effects
  • Custom flowery growth on in-game structures
  • Custom trees and terrains including a range of beautiful flora such as Cherry Blossom trees
  • Custom soundscape effects including Bat, Owl and Bird sounds 

Start at: 2:37

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