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Top 10 Hardest Bosses in World of Warcraft
These guys are tough as iron

2. M’uru

This guy almost looks like a Pokemon, or an elemental from Final Fantasy.

The raid on Tempest Keep holds one of the Naaru guardians that makes for an insane boss fight! One simple word can be used to describe the fight: Adds.           

If you aren’t good at juggling you shouldn't consider fighting this guy. There will be adds upon adds upon adds. There are debuffs that need to be dispelled and the adds need to be killed within a certain time window. Between adds there will usually be maybe a 5 or 10 second window before the next waves spawn. If that’s not enough, the second phase of the fight includes an aura that deals raid wide damage. As the minutes tick on the aura gets stronger and eventually wipes the raid. If you want to beat this boss, bring a friend.

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