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Top 10 Hardest Bosses in World of Warcraft
These guys are tough as iron

9. Lich King (Heroic)

Frostmourne, the blade that poisoned the prince of Lordaeron

The promising prince Arthas went emo, stabbed his dad, and now commands the demon hordes of the scourge. What is not to love about this guy? Except for his boss fight. The Lich King was one of the most anticipated boss fights simply due to his long history of screwing with the wow community.

Not only was this fight extremely difficult on its own, but Blizzard was experimenting with a raid lockout which made it difficult for raids to practice. This boss fight was so difficult because it included a lot of cheesy one shot mechanics. Throughout the fight raid members needed to avoid valkyries and platforms that would lead to them getting launched off the pillar. Even in the most recent gear the Lich King can prove a challenge since he can simply toss you off his tower.

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