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Top 50 Sci Fi Games, Ranked Good To Best

37. Dead Space 2

A thrill a minute in this second venture into the quiet dangers of Dead Space. Three years after the events in Dead Space it’s time to fight for survival once again. This time in orbit around Saturn. The nightmare has gone Freddy Krueger on you and you will need all your wits to survive.

Use your javelins to stake the nightmarish beasts to the walls, use telekinesis to use objects as projectiles, use the vacuum of space by breaching the hull and sucking enemy hordes to their doom, or plant devastating trip mines in strategic places.

Dude, I think you need to see a doctor. You don’t look so good!

36. Dead Space 3

He’s Baaaaack and so are the necromorphs from Dead Space 1 and 2. Ready yourself for another nerve wracking hurricane of a game from Electronic Arts. You are once again Isaac Clarke, joined by John Carver to rid the plagued universe of the necromorph scourge.

Who can you trust when you can’t even trust the dead to stay dead? Explore the environment, fight the beasts, don’t trust the calm. Rip through more highly evolved monsters where the search for their genesis has lead you. Save an agent and her team - as well as the universe - from extinction.

I think this board is trying to tell me something, I’m just not sure what.

35. Doom

Hell hath no fury like a demon scorned. Fans of the original Sci Fi first person are in for a shock. Doom is back with a vengeance. Dismember your enemies in a realistic reboot of the original Doom. You would be forgiven for expecting The Rock to jump out at you.

Don’t expect puffs of smoke, enemies to crumple in a mound of red and green pixels or to have orange holes in them. The graphics in the new Doom will have weak stomached players retching and running to hug the toilet bowl and jumping a little - or a lot - in their seats

That awkward moment when you realize they aren’t playing American Football.

34. PREY

As Morgan Yu You will be battling against everything and the kitchen sink all the while unraveling the mystery of your past. You have weapons at your disposal and your experiment induced abilities make you your own weapon.

Battle shapeshifting monsters aboard the moon-orbiting TALOS 1 space station in the year 2032. Upgrade your skills and gain alien abilities as you fight to destroy the alien infestation on board. Be the hunter in a life and death struggle to save the survivors and humanity.

Really? Who brings a pipe wrench to a monster fight?

33. System Shock

2 decades have passed since the world was introduced to the first System Shock in 1994. The 2018 reboot shows you the graphical glory the title promised. Life like motion and environments will have the electricity coursing through your veins as you battle alien hybrids for survival. Solve puzzles and explore nooks and crannies to progress.

The original holds an extinguished candle to the reboot supplying only a basis on which to build a bonfire of graphic and audio fun. Delete your enemies with extreme prejudice. System Shock has all the best of the old, with the mind blowing evolution of the last twenty years.

“I’m gonna get myself, I’m gonna get myself, I’m gonna get myself connected!”

32. Deus Ex

An oldie, but a goodie, Deus Ex was centered around J.C. Denton - an anti-terrorist agent who has superhuman abilities through nanotechnology - who battles enemies in a terrifying apocalyptic world. You will be spoiled for weapon and enemy choice. Stealth and strategy are the keys to fighting and conquering your enemies.

From the streets of 2052 in Deus Ex the original to the 2027 assault of the Tyrants in Deus Ex Human Revolution the puzzle shooter offers hours of shooting and head scratching entertainment.

“Move over Arnie! I am back!”

31. Cyberpunk 2077

A welcome and ambitious RPG that allows both first and third person perspectives. It is set in 2077 in and around the open and corrupt world of night city. You’ll have a bit of trouble understanding the language at first, but don’t worry you can fix that buy purchasing a translator implant.

Based on Cyberpunk 2020 it is the latest development from the folks that brought you the Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt. Partake in the “braindance” - digital recordings of a person’s experience which allow the viewer to experience all brain processes, including emotions, muscle movements and all stimuli perceived by the recording person. 

Experience someone else’s life through their eyes. Choose your character class and experience the vehicles and environment as if you have entered the world yourself.

A boy, a girl, a gun, a dark and stormy night, a great story and fantastic graphics.

30. Mass Effect

Guide a team of alien and human characters, and lead them through a universe of treachery and deceit. You are Commander Shepard and your choices determine what happens in the story.

Mine on different worlds for minerals and save the universe from a dark and malevolent force in third person ground missions and journeying to different planets to complete quests.

Shepard takes a moment of contemplative silence after receiving important mission information

29. Mass Effect 2

Commander Shepard and his crew are back two years after fighting the reapers and saving the universe. Shepard is resurrected to repel a new threat that is wiping out colonists. Help the clandestine corporation Cerebrus to defend the universe against the evil threat.

As in the first game your choices guide the progression of the game. Third-person battles pull you into the action as you control your characters from quest to quest both on and off the iconic starship Normandy. Gain or lose your team’s loyalty by completing quests to help them.

Well I didn’t expect you to fall to pieces.

28. Mass Effect 3

Play in one of 3 campaign modes to save the universe as Commander Shepard one more time. Import your Mass Effect 2 profile and upgrade your characters through an all new universe. Although the combat and story is enhanced ready yourself for more stargate hopping decision making action.

Once again fight against the shadowy organisation Cerebrus and the Malevolent alien reapers as the crew of the Normandy in Mass Effect 2.

And here comes brute clad in this summer’s bio-armor perfect for resisting attacks and harsh rocky environments

27. Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda is similar to its predecessors in gameplay with the co-op options of Mass Effect 3. You are not Shepard anymore and you will be sent further than ever before to fight an all new threat to the universe. There are a few glitches but the action and quests will drain you of disappointment.

Customize your skills in the middle of a battle or indulge in some hot and heavy make-love-not-war action. The game features a dune buggy on serious steroids and your legs to move around your environments with a jet-pack to launch you over obstacles.

Something scary this way comes.

26. Starcraft 2

Starcraft launched Warcraft to the stars with three races. The humans, the Zerg and the Protoss replaced the medieval knights, elves, ogres and trolls. The gameplay and the strategies stayed the same while technologies and weapons advanced.

The graphics and special effects will make you feel like a god in a realistic world. Send your creation to conquer each map in all its mind blowing glory. Feel the power of a deity pulse through your hand as you shape your chosen race’s destiny.

No more Mr. Nice marine with amped up graphics, audio and units.

25. Stellaris

Explore and conquer the universe after your race discovers faster than light travel. Make alliances by communicating with unknown species once you know how. Expand your empire through the stars. The vast universe awaits your quest for domination.

You will encounter unknown life from primitive neanderthal-like creatures to technologically advanced superpowers. Seek diplomacy or dominance. The choice is yours.

Hi-ho, Hi-ho, Colonizing we will go

24. Crysis

As a nanosuit wearing soldier named Prophet you will fight an alien invasion across jungles temperate and frozen as well as alien environments. Complete with all size versions of the mechanical monsters from “the war of the worlds movie” what starts out as a routine extraction will quickly escalate.

Suit up and fight. Your nano suit awaits and so do your weapons and the Ceph, an alien civilization bent on world domination and enslavement of humanity.

Introducing the ultimate soldier… Prophet!

23. Crysis 2

You are the weapon, Prophet, again in your nanosuit 2 stealth suit. This time the Ceph are attacking New York city and it’s up to you to stop them. This first person shooter offers you stealth and all the powers your suit affords you. The graphics are slightly improved, but the gameplay is just the way fans of the series like it.

Blow and shoot your way through all the environments. Pick up alien technologies and use them to vanquish humans and aliens alike.

Go with him if you want to live. Prophet takes on the Ceph in New York city.

22. Crysis 3

Prophet is back and ready to fight the Alpha Ceph and the Cell to save the world from their evil. It has all the excitement of Halo and the suspense of Black Ops. Use a suit linked Bow to assassinate your enemies with stealth. Enjoy the seven level first person shooter alone or in multiplayer mode.

The picture’s worth a million words. ‘Nuf said.

21. Remember Me

It is 2084 and memories are a commodity. Play as the amnesiac Nilin, a memory hunter. Break into and alter or steal people’s memories. Battle enemies with Nilin’s martial art proficiency, through and around Neo-Paris as the hunter and the hunted.

Nilin’s battle combos are fully customizable on the fly. Fight the technological terrors that wait in the shadows for you to get to close to your goal. Explore your environment both physical and virtual to play memory god to your victims.

Nilin delivers an earth rocking blow to her opponent’s head.

20. The Technomancer

Defend the destiny of Mars against mutant enemies with the electrically destructive powers of a Technomancer. Use diplomacy, deceit or combat to complete quests.

This Sci Fi RPG gives you the choice of four skill sets for dynamic battles in three combat styles.

Mars will never be the same once your war with the mutants ends. You are the deciding factor in the future and terraforming of the mars landscape. Let loose on your enemies with the power of Thor, rip through flesh with your blade or blast them with your gun.

Feel the amps rushing through your veins in each high voltage battle

19. Dreamfall Chapters

Pickup where Dreamfall left off: Zoë Castillo waking up from her coma and Kian Alvane having to escape from the friar’s keep . Guide Zoë, Kian and Saga through exploring their worlds, solving puzzles and battling enemies.

Although reminiscent of Dark Earth, Dreamfall Chapters is the follow-up to The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. Decision making and consequences, fantasy and corporeality, supernatural and natural, pandemonium and ordination, and the imperfect heroes whose actions decide the destiny in the dimensions.

The myths of dreams comes to life in the three world adventure. Explore the dimensions of a spectacular fantasy world of dragons, gods and sprites, a vision of lights and metal flying machines in a technological future and a dream realm.

Go ahead make his day in this fantasy cyberpunk adventure.

18. Endless Space® - Emperor Edition

Colonize the universe through alliances and war. Control the dust - once a creation of a highly advanced race called the Endless it has now become a currency due to its versatility. Seek dominion in this turn based exploration and strategy game. Seek resources on new worlds. Explore the universe and race against friends and foes. Establish your empire and make your mark.

Wipe out all resistance in the universe to stake your claim of the space around you. Defend your prospect as your enemies try to make the universe theirs in spectacular space wars. Choose one of eight civilizations and lead them to glorious victory.

Another exploration gone awry as you encounter other greedy factions.

17. Sins of a Solar Empire®: Rebellion

A real-time strategy game with a kick. A war between the universe and the Advent has devolved into internal wars. Said to be RT4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate) get ready for the ride of your life. Be a loyalist or a rebel and have access to unique technologies to your chosen faction.

Tip the scales of war with the Titan, updated Capital and Corvette class ships. Blast the opposition into star dust and thrust your faction to glory in a barrage of laser fire. You are the hope for your faction to rise to power or fade in a bright but brief light.

The battle rages against former allies and aliens alike

16. Sid Meier's Civilization®: Beyond Earth™

Civilization has left for the stars in this Sci Fi themed installation into the Civilization series. Lead an expedition into the final frontier to seek out a new home for the inhabitants of earth. Explore and colonize in this turn based strategy game and then defend your outpost against the local inhabitants.

Choose your expedition sponsors, fly to your new home and then establish trade and industry for your new world to flourish. It’s age of empires on another planet, your new civilization against a hostile new home world.

The Lilliputians have evolved since Gulliver last visited

15. Galactic Civilizations III

It’s the 23rd century and Star Trek’s life in the stars has become a reality. Guide humanity’s discourse through space. Explore and find a universe full of weird and wonderful beings on their own journey to go forth and multiply.

Design and develop your civilization to make your way through the universe on your journey to destiny. Govern your worlds the way you see fit, fight off invasions and while you play the largest space-based strategy game of all time.

Light up the universe with spectacular battles and explosions.

“Whatever you want, you name it I have it and if I don’t got it… you can’t get it anyway.”

14. Homeworld Remastered

Hailed as the epic space strategy game that redefined the Real-Time Strategy genre, in Homeworld Remastered you get the chance to build an armada and control your fleet in shiny new graphics and scintillating sound. Build and go to war in over a hundred new space ships.

If you want to try your hand at the classics, Homeworld 1 and 2 are included as a bonus. Play on up to 23 maps with up to 8 player as any one of the Homeworld 1 and 2 races.

One of the state sized starships for you to explore the universe and battle your enemies in.

13. The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

It is 1962 and you are an agent for a “men in black” like agency that must protect the world from the alien invasion. You are agent Carter and you must command your squad through a quest to defend the earth against an enemy worse than the cold war communist threat.

The gripping story line with a retro theme will have you losing all concept of space and time. Use strategy and technology to do battle with the enemies in third person.

Where’s Will Smith when you need him?

12. Xcom

Xcom is a turned based strategy game touted as the best “alien vs humans game ever made”. As the commander of Xcom, you must manage resources, advance technologies, and oversee combat strategies to defend the world against a terrifying global alien invasion. A new invasion story and technologies to fight off the alien enemies will quench your Xcom thirst.

Control the fate of the human race by researching alien technologies. Create and manage a fully operational base, plan combat missions and control squad movement in the heat of combat. The best of the old combined with the power of the new.

Burst out into a world of alien tyranny trying to enslave the world.

11. Xcom 2

Two decades after and the aliens have won the war against humanity and established a new world order. Scattered and weakened, the Xcom squad must rebuild to fight the Aliens that rule the world. Battle new enemies with tactical guerrilla combat techniques and five classes of recruited resistance fighters.

A unique challenge awaits you on every mission as you research and develop your weapons and armor. Take command of an alien supply craft called the avenger and convert it to XCOM’s mobile headquarters. Rid the world of the alien scourge.

20 years and the aliens still haven’t learned not to mess with the indomitable human spirit.

10. Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War

It’s the 41st century where Warcraft meets Starcraft with an action packed single player campaign. Protect the empire against a treasonous conspiracy and the hordes of alien invaders. Take your pick of four races Space Marines, Orks, Chaos or Eldar then master their unique abilities.

The realism will introduce you to a new level of god power craving syndrome. Keep the morale up while using cover tactics and squad based combat to fight for domination in this universe of never ending war.

Fight for domination of your world against the invading or local factions.

9. Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War 2

Return to war in the sub system Aurelia against aliens that look like the bugs from starship troopers. The Real Time strategy game has been enhanced, live war through the blood thirsty realism of Dawn of War 2.  

Play through a Single Player Campaign commanding an elite strike force and develop your squad’s and commander’s abilities as you advance through the game. Otherwise play through the single player campaign in co-op mode with a friend whenever you want to.

Dive into the intense melee and devastating ranged battles. Vicious melee sync-kills will wipe out your opposition. Circumvent your opponents using changing and destructible surroundings to suppress, flank and destroy your foes.  

Blood and guts fly as the ogres slaughter their human opponents.

8. Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War 3

When a ruinous weapon is found on the cryptic world of Acheron, you are bound to engage your enemies. The Eldar’s, the Orcs and the Space Marines are still at it. Fight for your faction’s supremacy as your favorite race.

Enter the fray hurling a blood curdling war-cry and armies of the first game and your beloved heroes from the second game at your enemies. The super-sized and scale units will have you furiously ripping at your mouse like a samurai sword.

War machines and aliens clash in a war for domination.

7. Warframe

An obsolete group of warriors from the old war called the Tenno is left drifting in obscurity when an enemy called the Grineer and their armies arises. The Lotus will rescue you from your cryostasis chamber and then guide you to learning the ways of the warframes and to unlock their powers.

Fight as one of five Tenno characters in third person battles. The realistic Sci Fi environment will have you believing that you have entered the realm of science fact. Slash and shoot your enemies to pieces in flaming combats that leave you shaking in your seat.

A Tenno warrior blasting the alien beasts back to where they came from.

6. Planetside 2

Planetary war has broken out and guess what… You’re in the army now. Join thousands of players in battle as one strategic, targeted force in operations against the opposition. Use the infantry, air and ground vehicles to decimate your foes in this immense first-person shooter.

Choose a faction and then customize your soldier to match your play style and the needs of your unit. Access a plethora of weapons and vehicles to go into battle and destroy the adversaries. To bring a level of immersion into the game communicate with your squad by vocal or keyboard chat.

A player explores the surrounding area for enemies and supplies.

5. Aliens: Colonial Marines

The only way to save the universe from these aliens is to wipe them off the face of the earth. Which is easier said than done. Fighting the vile Aliens that pop out from their host’s chest is no easy feat. Call your friends into a co-op game to double the fun.

You pick up where Ripley - the hero from the Alien movies - left off. Remember to breathe after each encounter with the acid bleeding, two mouth toting, bloodthirsty for humans Aliens. It’s like making a wish and ending up where you wanted to be and realizing you don’t want to be there.

Acidic blood spatters as a marine fights for his life and the lives of his team mates.

4. Alien Isolation

Find yourself in the body of Amanda Ripley - The daughter of Ellen Ripley from the Alien Movies - fifteen years after the events that caused her mother’s disappearance. Survive the horror by scavenging, hacking and crafting tools for certain situations and Running, Hiding or fighting the monsters in others.

The first person perspective will provide you with hours of heart-pounding, mouth-drying, spine chilling gaming. Face the ultimate killing machines in a quest to find out what kept your mother from attending your 11th birthday party like she promised.

Alien assailants stalk your character in Alien Isolation.

3. Tales from the Borderlands

The cartoonish graphics are back in this game about the borderlands years after Borderlands 2. Rhys the company man (that’s you) and Fiona (That’s you again) will go around Pandora kicking butt and taking names - or trying to anyway - in five episodes. The choices you make change the game you play so choose wisely.

As Rhys, battle using a Loader bot’s weaponry and equipment and lightning batons. As Fiona, use your one shot wrist pistol. Explore and learn about your surroundings and beasts on Pandora. Interact with people and carve your own story.

Hold on tight on this decision based roller-coaster ride through the badlands.

2. Destiny 2

The Darkness that plagued the Traveler before he gifted earth with the golden age has followed him. The last remaining stronghold of humanity has been destroyed, The tower is under the control of The red legion of cabal led by a new villain named Ghaul.

Bungie’s sequel is set to bring new races and new classes to the table. This first person shooter is said to be a monolithic environment. The world’s will boast populations and outposts to bring them to life and draw the players closer to a fully immersive experience.

Fight as one of the guardian classes Hunter, Warlock or Titan. Acquire new powers and release the Destiny universe from the clutches of the evil Red legion of Cabal and their commander.

The characters in Destiny 2 glare into the future, to the promise unbearable excitement and mind blowing graphics.

1. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Four years after Metal Gear Solid 4, Konami brings a new threat to test your skills. Battle both massive mechanical monsters and cunning cyborg creatures in this not too distant future.

Take up your sword and assume the role of Raiden the emo yet contentious cyborg from Metal Gear Solid 2. Slash your way through cars, trees and enemies alike in this true to life environment while trying to save the prime minister from the clutches of a mechanized army and their ruthless leader.

The HUD offers some impressive enhancements to Metal Gear Solid 4, the kill scenes and explosions rival the realistic battles in movies.

Let your blood boil with betrayal, feel the power of immortality, seek the satisfaction of Revengeance.

Raiden out to quench his thirst for revenge.

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