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1. Wildstar

Wildstar Trailer

The planet Nexus is on the brink of all out war. The Dominion is the reigning empire of the galaxy. And has been for thousands of years. The Exiles have been driven from their homelands time and again by the Dominion and are trying to make Nexus their home. Conflict erupts and you must choose a side. Along the way you discover the hyper-advanced Eldan that vanished years ago. It turns out this is part of why this planet is so valuable.  

There are three layers of customization to Wildstar. First: Dominion or Exile? Second: class. Third: path. There are four paths to choose from: Explorer, Soldier, Settler or Scientist. Being an explorer makes the game all about discovering the unknown. You’ll go on cartography missions, tracking missions, surveillance missions and the like.

Being a soldier means missions of battle, whether that be assassination or defense.  Settlers are all about making Nexus a little more like home. This means things like expanding townships and creating government.

Scientists just want to study the world’s biology and archeology  and chemistry. So when you choose one of these four classes during your customization you must also choose how you want to live on Nexus: do you want to fight for it, settle it, explore it or study it? 

The game has another level of challenge since there is no way to lock on to targets (tab targeting). You must manually aim at enemies and hit them even if they are moving. And your enemies must do the same to you. So you must manually acquire your targets and fire.

You can also own and customize your own little piece of Nexus by buying and transforming a house to your liking. Pimp it out and show off your style to passersby.

Recently, NCSoft, the publisher of the game, has made a free to play version of the game. There are upgrades for purchase. But you can get the whole Wildstar experience for free now. There are also new updates and additions all the time. So the game never gets stale.

Wildstar Gameplay

He looks like a nice enough chap

Is he smiling? Guys, I can’t tell if he’s smiling or growling? Must be smiling…

Hopefully we’ve supplied you with some MMO oldie but goodies and some friendly teases of what the genre has for us down the line! These should really be enough to keep you busy for a while.

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