[Top 15] WoW Shadowlands Best Fishing Spots That Are Great

Best fishing spots Shadowlands
Now is time to keep the fights aside and chill out fishing!

15. Sagehaven, Bastion

 Sagehaven - Wowpedia - Your wiki guide to the World of Warcraft

In Sagehaven, you will find a beautiful lake with a bridge in the middle. No hostile mobs are there to attack you while you are trying to relax! Pick your rod and sit calmly on this little heaven’s spot!

What is Great about Sagehaven:

  • You will have a beautiful and relaxing landscape to watch while fishing.
  • No hostile mobs will attack you.

How To Get There:

  • In Bastion, you can fly directly to this spot with the place that carry its name!
  • If you don’t fly yet, you must use a fast-travel mount NPC and select the Sagehaven location. When you arrive, the fishing spot will be right there!


14. Plague Watch, Maldraxxus:

Next to the fast travel mount NPC, you will see a green lake with a sight not so beautiful for sensitive eyes with a horrible smell. This place is strangely calm, and you will fish quietly! Be careful with what you will feel to eat later, or you will get diarrhea!

What is Great about Plague Watch:

  • It’s close to The Seat of the Primus when arriving in Maldraxxus, it has and easy access!
  • The lovers of horror movies always love to spend time on that putrid lake!

How To Get There:

  • When flying in Maldraxxus, you will go to the right side where Plague Watch fast travel mount!
  • It’s accessible even if you don’t fly yet; you can run there with your mount or use the closest fast travel NPC!


13. Heart of the Forest, Ardenweald


One of the most magical forests in wow and an entire realm is Ardenweald! This specific place for fishing is close to where the Night Fae Covenant is located, a small river full of life. This place is also essential for the lore; it has the portal that teleports us to Bwonsamdi’s temple!

 What is Great about Heart of the Forest:

  • You can sit and admire the magical woods and non-hostile animals. The Ardenweald ambient soundtrack makes this place even more relaxing!

How To Get There:

  • After arriving at the Refugee Camp in Ardenweald, the river is close to this fast travel NPC!


12. Darkhaven, Revendreth

It’s tricky to find a good and calm place to fish in Revendreth, many lakes are full of hostile mobs, but I found you an excellent place to sit, relax, drink coconut water, and fish! You need to be careful, and it is very recommendable to have the flying unlocked on Shadowlands! But don’t worry, all this care will be worth it!

What is Great about Darkhaven:

  • It’s one of the quietest places in Revendreth.

How To Get There:

  • You will arrive at Darkhaven by using a fast-travel NPC or flying after arriving in Revendreth. The small lake is close to the small city you will land in.


11. Purity’s Pinnacle, Bastion

If you dream of visiting a paradisiac waterfall, you can go to this place while you can’t go in real life! The Purity’s Pinnacle is situated close to Aspirant’s Rest and will relax all of you while trying to get something to bake!

What is Great about Purity’s Pinnacle:

  • It’s a beautiful place to get three varieties of fish!

How To Get There:

  • After arriving at Aspirant’s Rest, you can easily fly or ride to the place using the right pathway.


10. Dusty Burrows, Ardenweald

Even not being one of the most beautiful places in Ardenweald, the Dusty Burrows is a great fishing spot! The place is a river next to Tirna Vaal with a bridge crossing it. Don’t worry. This specific area is free of hostile mobs!

What is Great about Dusty Burrows:

  • It has a good and relaxing soundtrack background that fits well with the sight of the place!

How To Get There:

  • Using the fast travel to Tirna Vaal is the easiest and closest way to arrive at Dusty Borrows.


9. Glutharn’s Decay

You are probably asking why I choose this place and to answer I will say: A great green river! This place has a great variety of fish, and you can easily find strategic points without hostile mobs!

What is Great about Glutharn’s Decay:

  • The river is huge, and you can choose the best local for you to start your fishing business!

How To Get There:

  • You will need to arrive at Renounce Bastille and then give some steps to the lake taking care of the hostile mobs!


8. Lexical Glade, Zereth Mortis

Zereth Mortis is a beautiful realm where you can have many peaceful places for fishing! One of them is in Lexical Glade, a beautiful lake with a big cave. In this place, you can fish with extreme luck, a rare mob that, when defeated, you will have the chance to get the Deepstar Aurelid!

What is Great about Lexical Glade:

  • A peaceful place that gives you the chance to get a mount if you have luck with it!

How To Get There:

  • When arriving at Zereth Mortis’ Refuge, you will need to fly or ride in the right direction on the map using the principal road when not flying, this can take some minutes to arrive, but the place is worth it!


7. Citadel of Loyalty, Bastion

Back to Bastion, we have another beautiful place to get some fish! The Citadel of Loyalty has an extensive and stunning lake and two big huts to relax while fishing! Spend some time there. The place is rich in details and fish to be fished!

What is Great about Citadel of Loyalty:

  • It’s a peaceful place that will be even better when being with more players while fishing.

How To Get There:

  • Use the fast travel NPC in Oribos to Terrace of the Collectors then easily go to the largest lake on the south side.


6. Pilgrim’s Grace, Zereth Mortis

In Zereth Mortis, we have a fantastic spot close to the Sepulcher of the First Ones' raid. The place is quiet and full of waterfalls. The brokers called this sacred place Pilgrim's Grace.

What is Great about Pilgrim’s Grace:

  • It’s known as one of the best spots for fishing and that will level up your proficiency on this profession.

How To Get There:

  • To go to this place, you can fly directly to there or take the teleport in Sepulcher Overlook to the Island.


5. Catalyst Gardens, Zereth Mortis

Zereth Mortis is a paradise for anglers of all parts of its many good places to do their job! Catalyst Gardens have many places filled with water. You need to choose the best spot without any hostile mob near, it’s not an easy task, but it’s rewarding!

What is Great about Catalyst Gardens:

  • You will find a good variety of fish and with luck, some good items to sell for gold!

How To Get There:

  • This place is situated in the north part of Zereth Mortis. It’s easy to access, you need to follow the main circle road from the center, and when arriving in the middle, you start going to the north!


4. Forge of Afterlives, Zereth Mortis

 Forge of Afterlives - Wowpedia - Your wiki guide to the World of Warcraft

The Forge of Afterlives is a magical place in Zereth Mortis and is known as a good spot for fishing. This place isn’t the most peaceful, but you can find a suitable location far from any hostile beings to avoid being attacked!

What is Great about Forge of Afterlives:

  • You can find some rare fish on this spot with the right lure!

How To Get There:

  • This place is exactly in the middle of the map, all you need to do is to fly or ride to find the best spot for you!


3. Hibernal Hollow, Ardenweald

Here we have one more magical place in Ardenweald! Hibernal Hollow has two large lakes close to the fast travel NPC, they are beautiful, and you can choose which one to fish!

What is Great about Hibernal Hollow:

  • Known as the favorite place of the Winter Queen and for many fishers for its beauty and majesty.

How To Get There:

  • These lakes are close to the fast-travel NPC, and you just need to give some steps to arrive!


2. Genesis Fields, Zereth Mortis

Genesis Fields is another calm and beautiful place to spend time fishing in Zereth Mortis. The area offers a good landscape, and like in every Zereth Mortis lake, you can walk in the water, so you will sit in every place to start fishing!

What is Great about Genesis Fields:

  • A unique lake that offers a good spawn of fish and shoals!

How To Get There:

  • That fishing spot is close to the Refuge and the Portal Stone that teleport you back to Oribos.


1.- Dreamsong Fenn, Ardenweald

 Dreamsong Fenn - Wowpedia - Your wiki guide to the World of Warcraft (fandom.com)

Maybe the most magical place in Ardenweald after the Heart of the Forest! Dreamsong Fenn has a beautiful river with a wooden bridge crossing it. The location is full of glowing plants, fruits, and non-hostile animals! (You will find some hostiles but don’t worry, it’s easy to find a good spot for fishing in there!)

What is Great about Dreamsong Fenn:

  • A forest full of fairies and a big river that offers three varieties of fish that you can get!

How To Get There:

  • The closest fast travel NPC of this spot is far; it’s recommendable to have unlocked the flying in Shadowlands for easier access. If not, you can use your terrestrial mount to go faster than walking and avoid hostile mobs in the path. You will need to get the right way and then the north one to arrive at Dreamsong Fenn.

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