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12 Best Sci-Fi games To Play in 2015
Duke it out in space

10. Mass Effect 3

The awesome cast of Mass Effect 3

In Mass Effect 3 you get to embark on your final adventure as Captain Shepard and his crew. If you enjoyed games like Dragon Age, then you will love this series. The main plot revolves around you rallying your crew and fighting to stop a group called the Reapers before they destroy the universe.

The holographic weapons were an awesome part of the franchise.

What makes this series so fantastic other than the exciting and dynamic combat, numerous customization options, and the massive world to explore, is the morality system that actually changes the game based on the choices you make. I remember having to reload a distant save point because I accidentally shot and killed Rex… I didn’t think Shepard would actually do it.

Commander Shepard in exciting combat.

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