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12 Best Sci-Fi games To Play in 2015
Duke it out in space

6. Planetside 2

Shooting down helicopters with a tank because you can.

Planetside 2 was released just a few years ago and is one of the best PvP MMORPG’s out there. The game places you in the middle of a huge war torn world. There are three warring factions out of which you most choose one to ally yourself with. There is the military led empire, the Theocrats, and the Republican freedom fighters.

The great thing about this game is that all warfare between factions is done as PvP, and it’s not just a few dozen soldiers fighting, it is hundreds. You literally get to participate in bloody battles in which hundreds of other real people are fighting.

The game is free and plays as a first person shooter. There are four huge maps in which battles for key locations and structures take place.

There is always time for a photo. Look styling.

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