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12 Best Sci-Fi games To Play in 2015
Duke it out in space

1. Star Wars: The Old Republic

The game we we're all waiting for!

Do you love Star Wars? Then jump on board The Old Republic train. This Star Wars game is the 4th most subscribed to MMO in the world, and that's a lot considering that free users get access to almost the entire game. So why do people love this game so much?

Because it is Star Wars! It has light saber's, smugglers, bounty hunters, gold bikinis... Ok, maybe I made that last one up. However, the reason for Star Wars success is its great history. We have grown up watching and loving this franchise, and now we can dive into it and create our own character to take an active role in the shaping of the Star Wars universe.

There are few games out there whose trailers looked as awesome as these.

The world as you see it when you create your character is a world that is bordering open war between the Repulic and the Sith Empire. When you create your character you have an option to choose between multiple races. However, only paying users unlock all race options. The classes include some of the most iconic Star Wars roles such as Jedi Knights, smugglers, and bounty hunters. Who doesn't want to pretend that their character is Darth Maul and bring glory to the Sith?

This game also includes many new and exciting features such as the ability to take cover behind objects to reduce incoming damage. That might not sound like something exciting, but it is the first time a mechanic like that has been incorporated into a major MMO.

Another awesome part of this game is it's size. You think World of Warcraft is big? WoW takes place on a few continents, but Star Wars covers multiple planets! Also, you can play for either factions on the same server. That way you can experience both sides of the story and still feel connected. You could also duke it out with your guild mates in awesome PvP if you wanted. 

This game really has it all. It's got dynamic sci-fi combat, exciting races, well-defined classes, in game international markets, class and race specific development, and much much more.

Cover is one of the cool new features of Star Wars The Old Republic

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