10 Worst League of Legends Champions Who Desperately Need a Buff: Page 4 of 10

10 Worst League of Legends Champions Who Desperately Need a Buff
Alistar still isn't viable

7. Bard

Bard should be much better than he is... He is kind of a God anyway

Bard is the newest member on the League of Legends roster and he makes us ask the question: What was Riot thinking? He is supposed to be a supporting champion with a very unique playstyle. In the end though, Riot made him too broad and now he sucks at everything.

He has a skill shot that can stun, he can place health packs on the map, and he can create tunnels through walls. I thought the tunnel thing was super awesome until I learned that enemy champions can walk through it as well. What? And then there is his aoe Zhonyas ult that is extremely situational and feels very bland. Bard needs a buff to his ultimate that gives all allied champions the invulnerability of Zhonyas but no longer freezes them in place. Also, make it last for a full minute while you're at it.

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Cherrykuns 8 years 10 months ago

And I agree with Bard's rather annoying ult. It can save someone (or all of you) depending on the timing, and he's kinda hard to play. The portal seemed to be a good diversion, making the enemy think twice if they'd go the Magical Journey or not. Ekko's coming out pretty soon, and he seemed viable, but an assassin who 'might' not be able to one-shot somebody *cough*leBlanc*cough*, we'll see how he does after his debut.

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