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10 Things League of Legends Taught Me
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5. Winning with grace

Don't be like Draven, show some grace when you win

League of Legends is very well known for its salty players and bad losers, but not a lot of these people know how to win well either. If a player does well they’ll often proceed to ridicule their opposing laner for the rest of the game.

Just because you beat Garen in the top lane with your broken Riven doesn’t mean that you can assert your dominance over the other player all game long. They might have had a bad game you know. Just because your Ignite ticked one second more than his doesn’t mean that you outplayed him.

Often the difference between winning and losing a duel in a lower elo match is another tick of Ignite. After that it becomes easy for the winning party to snowball and the loser struggles to stay in the game. This has happened to all of us and does not mean that we are worse than the other player.

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