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10 Most Played RPGs of All Time
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2. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Let's be fair. Every Elder Scrolls game ever had a lot of support that only grew with each title. What helped them the most is the community. Each game ever released had a truckload of truckloads of mods made for it. The engine just let it happen. Bethesda could make something decent, then sit back and watch the community "awesomezie" their games, adding lots of replay value. It's genius.

Morrowind already had the majority of RPG players engrossed, even with it's very serious atmosphere. Oblivion gave it some light and attracted a lot of new blood, while moving to consoles as well. Finally, Skyrim promised the world, added dragons, cool new systems and simplified much of the game while building it more for consoles and got the best of both worlds. Both long-time RPG fans and new-comers eager to see what it's all about.

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