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10 Most Played RPGs of All Time
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5. Dark Souls

Dark Souls is another game that wasn't made for PC initially, but they changed that in the end and quickly enough to maintain interest. The first game, Demon's Souls, received a lot of interest, but it wasn't until Dark Souls that the series really took off. In fact, the previous game was kind of pushed off to the side with the arrival of this titan.

Dark Souls quickly had everyone screaming at the boards, "you have to play this!", whenever an RPG was mentioned. After a lot of success on the consoles, From Software ported the thing to PC and it was quite a success. A big enough success that they released the sequel parallel to the console versions! Add to it the fact that the sequel had a mixed reception, which got fans reverting back to the original, and you have a very much played RPG.

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