10 Great Indie Horror Games You Probably Didn't Know About: Page 3 of 10

10 Great Indie Horror Games You Probably Didn't Know About
Horror is good, indie horror is even better


8. Eversion

Zee Tee will haunt your dreams

Enter into the world of the Flower Kingdom where our hero Zee Tee must rescue the Princess from the dastardly Ghulibas. Players will adore the wonderfully unassuming and hand-drawn pixel art of the game. However, not everything is as it appears to be, players will soon discover the hidden lands and secrets of the Flower Kingdom.

What appears to be a charming and childlike Super Mario platforming knock off is just a deception, this is a horror game. Everything slowly changes from cute to gradually horrifying as players progress through the levels. Players will have to see for themselves what horrors await for them and uncover the truth of the Flower Kingdom.


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