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10 Great Indie Horror Games You Probably Didn't Know About
Horror is good, indie horror is even better


3. Dark Echo

Red lines will scar players post gameplay

Scared of the dark? What if you were trapped in darkness?

In Dark Echo players take control of a blind character who is able to navigate their surroundings through the use of visualized sound. The game is minimalistic and creative as players maneuver through each of the game's 80 levels as each sound created gives a limited visual to the player.  Sound bounces off the environment and is represented through lines. The character's footfalls and claps are shown with white lines while red means danger and certain death.

Players must explore, solve puzzles, and try to stay alive as they navigate through the darkness. The game is built around sound design and each sound aids in the players visitation of each level. The sound of buzzing flies, creaking floorboards, and the growl of monsters will keep players on edge, reminding us that the scariest thing may be the unknown. 

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