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10 Great Indie Horror Games You Probably Didn't Know About
Horror is good, indie horror is even better


6. Year Walk

Spooky goat-man is ready for a stare down

Players enter into rich folk lore as they play Year Walk. This is a beautifully crafted point and click game is set in 19th century Sweden. Year Walking is an ancient Swedish tradition where men go into the forest at midnight on New Year's Eve in an attempt to see their future. In this game players take control a man on his Year Walk. Players encounter the darker side of folk heritage as they encounter nightmarish creatures and cryptic puzzles. The game encourages and rewards players for checking the in-game encyclopedia to learn about the folklore creatures. 

The game features an atmosphere that is both beautiful and creepy. The art is ethereal, working seamlessly with the game's soft and haunting music. Year Walk generates a great deal of fear and suspense in players as the game's tension ranges from a sense of unease to genuine horror. This gorgeously terrifying game will haunt players in the best possible way.

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