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The fast and the furious!
The fast and the furious!

7. Need for Speed: Rivals

The iconic Need for Speed series returns in Rivals, boasting high octane races, breakneck police chases, a huge variety of events, seamless transition between single player and multiplayer, and more.

The game boasts two storylines and career modes. As a Racer, you assume the role of the street racer Zephyr, whose reckless exploits earn him a spot on the police’s hit list. As a Cop, you’re a police officer tasked with infiltrating underground street racing circuits by posing as a street racer named F-8. Both campaigns eventually lock Zephyr and F-8 in an adrenaline-filled, high-speed battle for the mastery of the wheel and the road.

Racers get cars such as the BMW M3 GTS and Pagani Huayra, while the police use the likes of the Aston Martin Vanquish and Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 to chase high-speed hoodlums with.

Of all Need for Speed games, Rivals also has the best customization options (though it still pales in comparison to car modification opportunities offered by other titles on this list). Available performance upgrades improve acceleration, top velocity, control, durability, and strength. And of course, you can change the cars’ colors and even add decals.

It’s one of those games you’ll likely continue to play for months on end, and one of the best cool car games!

Need for Speed 01

A fiery exterior

Need for Speed 02

Cop cars are rarely this hot!

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