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Healing Heroes are categorized as Support Heroes in Mobile Legends.... Read More
DPS stands for Damage Per Second. As the name signifies, DPS Heroes... Read More
Tanks represent the front-line of battle. They are durable enough to... Read More
Marksmen play a major role in all team formations and are expected to... Read More
15. Karrie (Marksman) Lightwheel wielder, Karrie. M4 World... Read More
Pre-Game: 1. Adjust Control Layout Customize the control layout... Read More
Mages play a special role in Mobile Legends with the unique abilities... Read More
It is necessary to master Fighters since they carry the weight of a... Read More
As a support tank, Minotaur has durability and crowd control that is... Read More
Helcurt was a feared meta ban and is still a formidable opponent.... Read More
Amongst Front-line Heroes in Mobile Legends, Franco is at the top of... Read More
Zilong is a dual role Assassin/Fighter who specializes in Chase/... Read More
Karrie is a psycho killing machine who is squishy as a result but... Read More
The Space Walker Natan first appeared on the ML scene in 2021 as a... Read More
Wanwan possesses a unique ultimate skill that can swiftly wipe out an... Read More
Miya is the Queen of Life Steal in Mobile Legends. This is the main... Read More
Layla is owned by everyone who plays Mobile Legends given she... Read More
Lesley is an assassin/marksman with the ability to conceal herself,... Read More
Tigreal, the rising star of The Moniyan Empire, is one of Mobile... Read More
The ‘Son of Flames’ is no stranger to Mobile Legends. Known for his... Read More
The Lone Star is a specialist in Burst/Reap and an explosive marksman... Read More
Eudora is one of Mobile Legends' easiest Mages to master, and she's a... Read More
Vale is a High Burst Mage with CC skill effects. He is a special mage... Read More
Nana is superior  for her Burst in Magic Damage, Debuff, Crowd... Read More
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