[Top 15] Sims 4 Best Appearance Mods We Love!

Sims 4 Best Appearance Mods
It's hard to dress to impress when sims 4 townies dress like clowns 24/7

The Sims 4 is a highly stylized game, with an emphasis on cartoonish graphics over realistic features. Though as much as I love the sims distinct style, sometimes you want to go above and beyond what Maxis had planned for the game. This list compiles some of the most outstanding appearance boosting mods created by the sims community, so you can sim in style.

15. No EA eyelashes

This fantastic little mod does exactly as it says on the tin. If you are not a fan of the EA default eyelashes and have tried using custom content eyelashes but have had trouble with the EA eyelashes and CC eyelashes interfering with each other, then this mod is for you. This mod removes the default EA eyelashes, so then you are free to replace them with custom eyelashes of your choosing  opening up a whole new world of cosmetic opportunities.

Why the mod is great:

●    Maximize your customization options with any eyelashes of your choosing
●    Great for those who enjoy alpha style custom content and are finding that the EA eyelashes are conflicting with a sims style
●    Also excellent for Maxis Match content users as there are plenty of more subtle custom content out there for you

Get the No EA eyelashes: here

14. 3d eyelashes

We can’t just mention that you can remove the clunky EA lashes and then fail to provide a replacement. This 3d lash mod comes with 25 different swatches of glam lash bliss. Though be warned, this mod, unfortunately, isn’t compatible with glasses (*cries in glasses wearer*). You can choose between the original version and the newer skin detail version so you can customize your sim to your heart’s desires.

Why this mod is great:

●    A stylish alternative to the EA default
●    Make glamorous sims with stunning lashes.
●    More customization, more fun

Get the 3d lashes mod: here

13. Still Feel eyes

If you are tired of the cartoonish and detail lacking eye colors featured within the sims, this mod can help you. This mod adds detailed and realistic looking eye colours. You have multiple download versions of this mod, so you can choose if they replace the default EA eye colors or are included as extra options.

Why is mod is great:

●    Brings a realistic feel to your game
●    Contains the option to replace the default eyes
●    Comes in all 18 different swatches
●    Pretty close to maxis match content if you don’t want to break immersion.

You can get the Still Feel Eyes mod: here

12. Rainbow demon eyes

I know that I have already covered eye color alternatives, but so far, the entries on this list have been a bit too down to earth and normie. So this for all you fantasy lovers out there.

If you are struggling to put together the finishing touches on an occult sim, then this mod could be a great help. This adds a new eye type in 9 different colours. This is a spooky-looking addition to your sim with unnatural and eerie colours.

What is great about this mod:

●    Put your imagination to the test and create unique occult sims.
●    Expands your sims cosmetic options to create individual and unique sims
●    Reflect your sim’s spookiness through the depth of their eyes. Eyes are the windows to the soul, after all.

Get the rainbow demon eyes mod: here

11. Oracle eyes

Okay, this is the last eye color mod… I promise. If you weren’t satisfied by those demon eyes or are going for a different look, then peer into the inky abyss that is the oracle eyes. We already have a few occult style eye colors in the game. Still, this piece of custom content is a cut above the EA’s default colors.

It comes in 18 different colors and can be accessed from the facepaint area of the CAS menu.

What is great about this mod:

●    Good quality custom content to heighten your simming experience
●    An impressive range of 18 different swatches
●    Stops your fantasy and occult sims from looking the same

Get the Oracle eyes mod: here

10. Gloria Hair

Let’s get back down to earth with some maxis match content, so since we haven’t covered this yet, how do we all feel about hair?

I have noticed that the Maxis team is getting better and better at making quality hairstyles for the sims 4. However, sometimes you still feel a need for variety. This is where the Gloria hair comes in. It comes in 18 different swatches and is a lovely piece of maxis match content to seamlessly fit into your game.

And whilst I am here, I would also like to recommend checking out some of the other hairstyles featured in the youtube video above since more content means more customization.

Why this mod is great:

●    Seamlessly fits into your vanilla game.
●    Brings more customization options onto the table
●    A creative new style that isn’t featured in your usual sims game.

Get the Gloria Hair: here

9. Face Stars

There is already some celestial-themed facial makeup available in the sims, but this adorable blusher is begging to be featured on this list.

This blusher comes in five different swatches and is perfect for your spell casting sim or just a sim with a quirky fashion sense. It just puts a little bit of sparkle into your sims character.

Why this mod is great:

●    A beautiful but straightforward custom content item
●     Versatile could be used in both fantasy and modern fashion contexts.
●    We don’t have enough nice blushers in the game, so this is a step in the right direction.

Get the Face Stars Mod: here

8. The Carli Bybel Palette

Continuing on with some more makeup, here is the Carli Bybel Palette to make up for the incredibly bad mac inspired makeup added into the sims this year. Based on a real eyeshadow palette, this eyeshadow comes in an outstanding thirty different swatches.

We are missing out on quality cosmetics in the sims 4, so this is an excellent addition to anyone’s game.

Why this mod is great:

●    A whole thirty different swatches for maximizing your creative potential
●    A monolid friendly style suitable for sims of all kinds
●    Quality custom content to make up for the lack of quality makeup within vanilla sims 4

Get the Carli Bybel Palette: here

7. Luca Eyebrows

Eyebrows seem to be underappreciated on this list, so I want everyone to know that I haven’t forgotten.

The eyebrows included within the sims 4 are slightly lacking, considering the lack of fine detail and stray hairs. The vanilla eyebrow options are somewhat cartoonish, and sometimes it can look like you have just glued some felt down on your sim’s face and called it a day.

This is one of the many eyebrow cc pieces that aims to correct that by providing a more realistic and detailed alternative. Stray hairs are visible while still remaining a generally glamorous option.

Why this mod is great:

●    Attention to detail goes a long way.
●    Adds realism to your sims’ features
●    More content means more fun.

Get the Luca Eyebrows mod: here

6. Lizhi overlay skin

Skins can make a big difference to your sims appearance. This mod is a custom skin thatoverlays with any other default skin you have in-game; it creates skin detail and shadows, making your sims appear more realistic.

Why this mod is great:

●    Overlays with other skins, so if you can layer up with other custom content.
●    Brings a sense of realism to your sims’ features without being too dramatic
●    More customization options to bring your sims to life

Get the Lizhi skin: here

5. Cerberus Freckles

You might have noticed that the sims 4 is lacking in the skin detail department. Most of the skin details featured in the vanilla game are fantasy and supernatural oriented and what is left  lacks quality.

This is one of the many high-quality skin details you can get from the sims custom content community. It comes with three different freckle variations and four different color swatches, so you can bring a bit of character to your sims skin.

What makes this mod great:

●    Multiple colors and variations all in one package
●    Adds realism and depth to your game
●    Melanin friendly custom content

Get the Cerberus Freckles mod: here

4. Penguin Skin Blend

Here is another excellent skin overlay to boost your sims appearance and bring some realistic facial detail into the game. This is a very natural overlay that fits the maxis style helping youmake beautiful sims without sacrificing in-game immersion.

Why this is mod is great:

●    Natural-looking maxis match overlay.
●    Brings depth and shadows to your sims appearance boosting realism
●    Gives you more in-game options to mess with so your sims can be customized to perfection.

Get the Penguin skin blend mod: here

3.   Vitiligo Overlay

If you are looking for a diversity of characters within your sims game or have Vitiligo and often find yourself underrepresented in media. This will make a perfect addition to your game.

This is a skin overlay mod that brings greater realism to your game by allowing you to make sims with the skin condition Vitiligo. This is a maxis match mod designed to blend seamlessly into your game, and it comes in four different swatches.

Be warned though this is an old mod, and with the recent skin tone updates to the skins, you might have to go to extra lengths to make sure the skin tones look just right.

Why this mod is great:

●    Adds realism to your game by adding diversity into your gameplay
●    Play you, or someone like you! Vitiligo isn’t a majorly discussed condition. Youaren’t often given the option to play a character that best represents you.
●    Maxis match blends with the original darker skin tones within the game. The new skin tone sliders can help you customize to perfection.

Get the Vitiligo overlay: here

2. Body preset sliders

Want to create diverse and realistic sims? This mod is a must-have.

The body preset slider mod allows gamers to fully customize a sims features with a huge variety of different slider tools enabling you to make more realistic body features such as hip dips, thick arms, thin arms, asymmetrical lips, and other features.

Sometimes custom content users go a bit overboard with cosmetic features. This mod, brings it down a notch allowing you to make realistically quirky and unique sims.

Why this mod is great:

●    Customize everything. This mod has sliders for days giving you full creative responsibility.
●    Realistic features that often defy modern beauty standards allowing you to embrace body diversity in the sims.
●    Make all your sims look distinct, stop your sims from all looking the same.

Get the body preset slider mod: here

1. Colour sliders for hair and clothes

This mod reintroduces a well-beloved feature that was featured as part of the sims 3. Colour Sliders! This new mod, which has only recently become available for public access, allows you to fully customize your sim’s hair and clothing by altering the colors using multiple different sliders.

Sometimes the lack of customization options within the sims 4 can feel a little lackluster, so this mod is excellent for giving your sims a bit of cosmetic personality.

Why this mod is great:

●    Brings back a feature missed by the sims community
●    Gives more life and depth to your sims’ appearances
●    A vast variety of different customization options

Get the color slider mod: here

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