[Top 10] Sims 4 Best School Mods

Sims 4 Best School Mods
What we all dreaded as kids (or not) ... the classroom

10. No University Housing Restrictions (by Zerbu)

Check out this video for an overview of this mod!


In the University Expansion Pack, you have the option to live in a dorm, however, there is one problem … you can’t cook or have over so many Sims living in the dorm at once. The No University Housing Restrictions allow you to cook inside your dorm, so you don’t have to venture out every time your college sim gets hungry.


How the mod makes things fun:

  • Invite all of your college sim friends to live in your dorm with you to have the true “friend filled” college experience
  • Be able to cook and entertain those friends without having to order in!


Get the mod here: https://zerbu.tumblr.com/post/189086439615/the-sims-4-mod-no-university-housing-restrictions

9. Simston Private School Mod (by SHEnanigans)

Check out this video for an overview of this mod!


The Simston Private School mod is a little throwback to the Sims 2 game, which allows you to invite the headmaster of the local private school to a dinner party for a hefty 500 Simoleons. Once you complete the several tasks associated with the event (and after succeeding only) you can pay the additional 1,000 Simoleons to enroll your child/teen Sim into SimCity Academy!


How the mode makes things fun:

  • This gives your child a different experience and possibly a better educated to help them succeed after becoming a young adult
  • You get to host a special event that is not available otherwise and get the best award there is … a good education!


Get the mod here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/simston-private-40462562

8. Cheat Teen Highschool Performance and Homework (by azoresman)

Check out this video for an overview of this mod!


The Cheat Teen High School Performance and Homework mod allow your teen Sim to take less time out of their day doing homework and extra credit and gives them more time to improve their skills or take that much-needed extra nap. It maxes out your Sims performance level in school without having to complete any homework. This is also a very easy mod to install, which makes it easier on the user and doesn’t take up a bunch of space.


How to mod makes things more fun:

  • Gives you more time to spend with your teen Sim and enhance their real-world experience more
  • Your teen Sim will be able to enhance their skills without taking the extra time to do their homework, which allows them to be more ready to become a young adult and go out on their own


Get the mod here:

7. Drop Out of High School and Get a Real Job Mod (by Telford)

Check out this video for an overview of this mod!


The Drop Out of High School and Get a Real Job mod is pretty straightforward with the title. It allows your teen to take a big jump into the adult world without having to age up into a young adult. This does however take away the ability to go back into school, which could hurt your teen’s knowledge in the long run. Personally, if you want to have more time with your Sims I feel this is a good mod for you.


How the mod makes thing more fun:

  • Allows your teen to drop out of high school without being taken away by Child Services
  • Opens up the careers to your teen for a full-time job
  • Gives them more time at home to hone their skills


Get the mod here: https://modthesims.info/d/578829/drop-out-of-high-school-and-get-a-real-job.html

6. Teens Jump to University (by Zero)

Check out this video for an overview of this mod!


The Teens Jump to University mod gives your genius teen Sims the ability to leave high school early and “jump” into college! However, it isn’t as easy as just installing this mod. Your teen has to have the genius trait active and needs to be doing well in school. Just one mess up and it is very unlikely that you would receive an offer from any university.


How the mod makes things fun:

  • It allows you to really work with your children and then teen to make sure they do well in school
  • Having your teen move up to the university before becoming a young adult allows them to focus on school and no having to keep a job or worrying about their own home expenses


Get the mod here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/university-teens-31714934

5. University - The Sheldon L Cooper Program (by Zero)

Check out this video for an overview of this mod!


If you are to succeed in the Teens Jump to University mod then the University - The Sheldon L Cooper Program mod would be a good addition for your Sims. This mod allows you to apply for certain scholarships to help with the cost of university and depending on your traits and grades from high school the scholarship could provide a full ride!


How the mod makes things fun:

  • As a teen with the genius trait, you can receive a $15,000 scholarship, which pays for the full cost of tuition.
  • If your teen had an “A” in high school they can apply and be awarded a $5,000 scholarship, which is a good position of the tuition
  • Finally, there is a “special scholarship” that any teen can apply for that unlocks special Night Classes, which would allow the teen to interact with the family during the day or even get a day job.

Get the mod here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/university-l-31743270

4. The Sims 4 Go to School Mod Pack (by Zerbu)

Check out this video for an overview of this mod!


The Sims 4 Go to School Mod Pack allows us to follow our child and teen Sims to where they usually disappear to Monday through Friday from 8 AM - 3 PM. This mod allows the user to go to school and have a list of tasks for the Sim to do throughout their school day.


How the mod makes things more fun:

  • The obvious being you get to follow your preferred Sim around instead of staring at the empty house waiting for someone to come home
  • There is a different subject to learn and achieve each day (Personal Development, Problem Solving, Creative Arts, Health and Fitness, Science and Technology), so you aren’t doing the same thing day in and day out
  • You can also earn Reward Traits by impressing your teachers and principals with how many tasks you achieve and how well you achieve them each day


Get the mod here: https://zerbu.tumblr.com/post/160319209200/the-sims-4-go-to-school-mod-pack-v4

3. Playable School Events (by Stacie)

Check out this video for an overview of this mod!


The Playable School Events mod is similar to the Go to School Mod that was discussed previously, however instead of just being in control of the child/teen Sim, you are also in charge of the parent putting on an event! All you have to do is place a school (which becomes available after installing the mod), start an event via your phone, and hire some staff to help take care of the students you invite!


How the mod makes things more fun:

  • As with any other event, there is a special reward for how much you complete within the given time frame
  • This gives you something else to do besides the normal boring work day or stay home day
  • You can also build the parents and child/teen Sims skills while doing this event as well!


Get the mod here: https://www.kawaiistaciemods.com/post/playable-class-events

2. Required Degree for Careers (by Zero)

Check out this video for an overview of this mod!


The Required Degree for Careers brings a new purpose to getting the University Expansion Pack because with this mod you have to have a certain degree to get any full-time job. This gives you a chance to play the expansion pack fully before moving up as an adult!


How the mod makes things fun:

  • This is a very realistic option for Sims and I personally like the idea of working towards a certain degree for the job your child/teen sim always aspired for
  • It allows you to focus while at the university and build up the skills needed for your career your aspiring for!


Get the mod here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/university-for-31629953

1. Education System Bundle (by Stacie)

Check out this video for an overview of this mod!


As the Education System Bundle coincides with the Playable School Events mod that was previously mentioned, this one can be played completely on its own! In reality, there are three different mods combined into one to give your parent Sims some more flexibility on what they want to do with their offspring! 


How the mod makes things more fun:

  • The first mod within this bundle allows children and teen Sims to build skills while doing their school work or attending school for the day.
  • The second mod gives the option to bring your toddler to preschool, which gives them a chance to gain friends and more skills.
  • The third mod is an online school option! (Kind of relevant for today’s world). This allows the student to stay home but continue their education.


Get the mod here: https://www.kawaiistaciemods.com/post/better-schools-mod


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