[Top 10] Genshin Impact Best Energy Recharge Characters That Wreck Hard!

Build their Energy recharge to use their burst as much as possible

Is there such a thing as too much Energy Recharge?

When most players try to make characters stronger in Genshin Impact, they usually focus on stats like ATK, Crit Rate, and Crit DMG. If a character depends on elemental reactions, they might invest a little in Elemental Mastery. Or, they might even improve stats where talents scale, like HP for Zhongli or DEF for Noelle.

However, improving your characters’ elemental abilities to hit harder would be pointless if it takes too long to charge up. You might not be paying attention to this, but a character’s Elemental Burst, also called “ult” or “Q”, has a bar that needs to be filled up before it can be used.

This is where Elemental Energy becomes valuable. Usually, elemental particles and orbs are not hard to come by. It can be picked up during battle by using your normal attack four times. However, you can only gain a sliver of Energy that is almost insignificant.

Another option would be using your Elemental Skill. The amount of energy you can gain from this depends on your character. Enemies will also generate Energy after their health reach a certain threshold or die.

If you’ve played the game long enough, you know that this wouldn’t generate much energy with a low Energy Recharge stat. Also, some characters’ ult can cost more to cast. If you want to use your characters’ burst freely, you want to invest in their Energy Recharge as well.

The higher this stat, the more energy you gain with each particle and orb. Ideally, the number to aim for is between 150 and 200. Although, this can change depending on your team composition, play style, and how often you plan to use that character’s burst. Those with battery characters would often go for 200 or more.

Energy recharge doesn’t feel noticeable during combat compared to damage increasing stats. However, it does make a difference. Here are some characters that would increase damage with Energy Recharge.

10. Kaeya

Use your Kaeya outside of Kaeyaking 

As one of the characters that receive Energy Recharge as an Ascension bonus, it will be easier to build his Energy Recharge. Combined with his Elemental Skill, you can quickly gather energy for his burst and use it as soon as the cooldown is up. At the same time, using his elemental skill would apply Cryo to your opponents

Kaeya’s Elemental Burst will summon spinning icicles that apply Cryo to any enemy hit by it. His burst will remain even if he’s not on the field, allowing the icicles to continuously deal Cryo damage after switching out to another character.

With another element in your party, you can create Elemental Reactions and deal more damage. As long as it’s activated often, you can easily work with other characters to create reactions.

What makes Kaeya Great for Energy Recharge:

  • Gather energy quickly while applying Cryo to enemies
  • Continuous Cryo application for elemental reactions

See Kaeya in Action: 

9. Diona

Use Diona’s generated energy to help others wreck hard than doing the damage herself

Unlike many characters, Diona is far from a massive damage dealer on her own. However, she’s a reliable support that can provide a strong shield and heal from her Burst. At the same time, Diona can also give an additional AoE Cryo DMG, which can help apply Cryo to multiple targets that you can use to set up for Elemental Reactions.

The more Energy Recharge you add, the more you’ll be able to take advantage of her shield and health regeneration.

An Energy Recharge build can also turn Diona into an excellent battery for Cryo characters, especially Eula. Remember, most characters would drop elemental particles for team members from the same element. This makes Diona a great second Cryo character at a party.

At the same time, you can take advantage of the Cryo Resonance that occurs when a party has two Cryo characters. Every party member will receive an increase in their Crit Rate by 15%.

What makes Diona Great for Energy Recharge:

  • Heal and Shield Support
  • Consistent Cryo Applicator
  • Battery for Cryo characters

See Diona in Action: 

8. Mona

On its own, Mona’s Elemental Burst can already do a lot of high damage. However, her ult’s key focus is amplifying the whole party’s Elemental DMG. It will deal an explosion of Hydro DMG and increase the damage of incoming attacks. This makes it an excellent set-up for high damage combos like Melt and Vaporize.

At the same time, using her Burst will bind enemies, which restricts their movement for a few moments. While it won’t work on all enemies, you can use this to trap smaller mobs. Loaded with Energy recharge, Mona would be an ideal Burst support that can also handle crowd control when needed.

What makes Mona Great for Energy Recharge:

  • Set up for high damage combos
  • Bind opponents more often

See Mona in Action:

7. Eula

Activate Eula's Elemental Burst often and Vengeance will be hers. 

Unlike most characters in this list, Eula’s strength doesn’t lie in Energy Recharge. In fact, it’s a stat that needs attention, especially since her burst has a high energy cost. Eula’s burst can deal thousands of damage to multiple enemies within its range, depending on how much you’ve charged her Lightfall Sword was charged before detonating.

Energy Recharge would be a good investment for at least her artifacts’ substats. The faster her burst comes back, the more often you can do that nuclear damage. Aside from her artifacts, her energy recharge will do better in a team composition with battery characters.

What makes Eula Great for Energy Recharge:

  • Works well with battery characters
  • Deals massive damage with her burst

See Eula in Action:

6. Xiao

If battery characters can’t solve Xiao’s Energy problem, adding a bit of Energy Recharge will help maximize his burst.  

Like Eula, Xiao’s strength lies in his Elemental Burst but it requires a lot of energy than most. His burst can boost his Attack DMG, imbues his Normal Attacks with Anemo, and increases his jump height for repeatable Plunge Attacks at the cost of his HP. With his attacks imbued with Anemo, every Plunge Attack would deal high damage while hitting all enemies within its range.

If you want to use his burst constantly, you need to have a better energy recharge. Some would prefer to use a battery than building his energy recharge to avoid losing out on DPS. This means pairing him with an Anemo character like Sucrose or Venti, or a battery character like Bennett or Fischl. Having energy recharge in your substats will also increase his energy recharge rate for optimal usage.

What makes Xiao Great for Energy Recharge:

  • Continuously use his burst will boost his Attacks, further increasing his damage output
  • Plunge attack with High DMG

See Xiao in Action:

4. Klee

Activate Klee's burst more often for more destruction.

Klee can be a good battery once she reaches Constellation 6. This allows other members of the party to continuously regenerate energy every time she bursts. However, her burst needs to be consistent to do this. Furthermore, not everyone can afford to get six copies of Klee.

But Klee remains a great asset even without her sixth constellation. She can deal explosive AOE Pyro Damage and create more elemental reactions with her burst. It’s an attack that you want to continuously activate.

That is why players rarely use her as a battery and focus more on her are CRIT Rate and Damage. Energy Recharge is only considered on substats, along with ATK and ATK percentage.

Even for energy generation, Crit holds importance as her charged attacks become a way for all party members to gain energy after unlocking her Passive Talent: Sparkling Burst. Energy recharge does not affect this ability, but Crit does. The more she Crits, the more energy you’ll gain for Klee and her team.

However, her attacks need to Crit at least 30 times to charge her burst. Depending on her team members, they could need more. All of which would take too much time on its own. For this, investing in her ER stat would be helpful.

Energy Recharge will help you gain more energy from the Elemental particles she generates from her Elemental Skill. Klee’s Elemental Skill generates four Elemental Particles when her mine hits at least one enemy in a bounce. The mines can bounce three times so that you can gain up to 12 Elemental Particles.

What makes Klee Great for Energy Recharge:

  • Explosive damage with her burst
  • At Constellation 6, her burst can generate energy for the team

See Klee in Action: 

4. Razor

Combine his Elemental Burst with another character's off-field elemental abilities to further maximize his damage. 

Unlike many characters, Razor doesn’t need too much investment in Energy Recharge because his built-in abilities have it covered. Razor’s skill set includes gathering particles and charging his energy with his Elemental Skill. This allows him to gain 3-4 Electro Sigils after striking an enemy, with each sigil increasing his energy recharge by 20%.

You can also make it easier to regenerate energy faster with his Ascension Passive: Hunger. When his energy goes down below 50%, this passive will increase Razor’s energy recharge by 30%. This will make it easier to regenerate energy faster for a more stable burst.

Razor’s most powerful attack is his Elemental Burst. It unleashes the Wolf Within to fight alongside Razor, dealing tons of Electrical and Physical damage against enemies in the field. It also works really well with a Cryo Sub-DPS who has a skill or burst with a long uptime like Kaeya or Rosaria as they can continuously proc Superconduct.

Superconduct is the most efficient way to increase his damage as this has an effect that decreases the enemies’ Physical resistance, perfectly matching his speciality of providing Physical DMG alongside his Electro DMG. Activating his burst often would ensure you get those big numbers.

What makes Razor Great for Energy Recharge:

  • Energy Recharge barely needs any boost
  • Increase Physical and Electro DMG more often

See Razor in Action: 

3. Bennett

The damage boost from Bennett's burst can make a huge difference on your damage output.

It would not take long to charge up Bennett’s 60 energy Elemental Burst with his Energy Recharge Ascension Bonus. Depending on how you charge Bennett’s Elemental Skill, you can unleash a single strike or a 3-hit Pyro attack, which will yield some amount of Energy for him. If you’re not careful, you can be knocked back by the explosion of Bennett’s final hit.

Bennett’s skill also has a short cooldown, allowing you to use it as frequently until you’ve charged up his burst, wherein you can deal AoE Pyro DMG, heal allies, and boost damage. Just by bringing down his burst, he will deal a single instance of Pyro DMG.

Depending on the HP of characters inside its area of effect, they can either regenerate health or add a good chunk of attack boost. His burst will heal up characters if their HP is below 70% while boosting the damage applied by enemies above that.

What makes Bennett Great for Energy Recharge:

  • Spammable Elemental Skill to charge burst
  • Provides heal and damage boost

See Bennett in Action:

2. Venti

Using Venti's Burst more often will lead for more Swirl damage and . 

Many players would build Venti as a support or battery. Aside from his Ascension Bonus Stat being Energy Recharge, he can gather and provide Energy for the whole team with his abilities. When you use his Elemental Skill, it will release multiple energy particles after hitting an enemy. Since tapping his skill results in a shorter cooldown, you can spam it for great energy production.

Once his Elemental Burst is available, it will enable him to release devasting damage to enemies. It creates a vortex that sucks in all surrounding enemies within the range and deals Anemo DMG. At the same time, it will absorb Pyro, Cryo, Hydro, and Electro Elements for additional damage to enemies trapped inside.

After unlocking his Fourth Ascension Passive, using his burst will also lead to regenerating 15 Energy and also restore 15 Energy for any character with an element from that the vortex absorbed during its uptime. This makes him a flexible unit that can fit in any team composition.

Venti’s burst works amazingly against smaller hoards like Hilichurls, the Fatui, Nobushi, and Treasure Hoarders. This ability to gather and trap enemies also makes him great for crowd control. Adding more energy recharge will allow you to keep using these abilities for support and energy generation consistently.

What makes Venti Great for Energy Recharge:

  • Provides energy for himself and the team
  • Multiple elemental damage
  • Can fit easily with different team comps

See Venti in Action: 

1. Raiden Shogun

Not only will Energy Recharge help her Elemental Burst fill up faster, but it will also increase her Electro Damage Bonus. 

The Raiden Shogun has one of the highest base Energy Recharge in the game. If you raise her to level 80, she’ll receive an Energy Recharge of 132% as an Ascension Bonus stat. However, you’ll want to raise this even more as a Passive Talent causes her Electro DMG Bonus to Increase along with her Energy Recharge.

After this, the only stat you’ll need to focus on is the ATK where the damage will be calculated.

Raising her ER will also increase her Elemental Burst’s uptime, which can already deal deadly damage to enemies with just the first slash. After activating her Elemental Burst, the Shogun’s Normal Attacks will change to dealing Electro DMG.

When you use another Elemental Burst before activating hers, it will increase the Shogun’s Resolve stacks, which will increase the damage dealt by her burst. Therefore, you need characters with bursts that will stay on the field even after they’re switched out to strengthen the Raiden Shogun. Not only will all of the hits deal powerful damages, but it will also replenish the burst energy they’ve contributed.

What makes Raiden Shogun Great for Energy Recharge:

  • Increases her Electro DMG Bonus with Energy Recharge
  • Powerful elemental burst that recovers energy of the team
  • Has a high base Energy Recharge rate (depending on her level).

See Raiden Shogun in Action: 

However, avoid building this to the point that you can generate energy much faster than the boost cooldown. While it’s not necessarily wrong, you might have other stats you can improve to improve your damage output.  

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