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There are lots of reasons why you would want a specific villager on your Animal Crossing island. Perhaps you’re trying to make a bird-themed island or a chaotic lazy village. But if you’re curious about who are the most popular villagers right now, you’ve come to the right place. Filled with different species and personalities, here are the top 10 of the most popular villagers on Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

10. Fauna

Fauna chilling at Nook's Cranny

Fauna might not be the most extravagant or different-looking villager from this top 10, but her overall look, style, and normal personality make her a beloved villager from the Animal Crossing series. Fauna’s birthday is on March 26th and you might want to give her a gift early in the morning as she loves to wake up every day at 6 am and her main hobby is nature which perfectly fits her styling.

9. Coco

Coco reading a book at her home

Coco is a very special looking villager on Animal Crossing; she is technically not an animal, but she definitely looks like a rabbit while both of her eyes and mouth are completely empty; she still is a normal villager who will get along with some of your neighbors unless they’re of cranky or sisterly personalities. Coco’s birthday is on March 1st and her initial catchphrase is “doyoing”.

8. Stitches

Stitches having a drink by the river

Stitches are another of those exclusive-looking villagers on Animal Crossing that are not exactly animals, but their form resembles one. Stitches represent a very cute cub made of different colors ranging from purple to green. He initially wears a starry tank and his main ability is forgetting things. Highly relatable. Stitches’ personality is lazy and his birthday is on February 10th.

7. Audie

Audie at a mystery island

Audie is a really beautiful fox-looking wolf villager who is always using a pair of very stylish sunglasses. There is a belief over the internet that her localization name comes from Audrey Buchanan, a very charming old lady whose Animal Crossing: New Leaf 3,500 hours town was shown by her grandson on a popular YouTube video. Audie’s birthday is on August 31st and her personality is peppy.

6. Marina

Marina exercising by Resident Services

Octopuses are a very rare species in the Animal Crossing series; there are only three of them and Marina is the only female of them. Marina is a very kind pink villager whose initial clothes are a Dreamy Sweater, which makes her even more adorable than she already looked. Her personality is normal and her birthday is on June 26th.

5. Judy

Judy being Judy by the beach

Just like Stitches, Judy is also a bear cub, but her personality is completely different. She was first introduced on Animal Crossing: New Horizons and her main hobby is music, so you might find her all over your island singing without the need of a music player. Her snooty personality is a perfect match for her look, as Judy has a highly stylish and elegant view while also being colorful and adorable. Her birthday is on March 10th.

4. Sherb

Afternoon Sherb

Also introduced on New Horizons, Sherb is a very relaxing-looking blue goat with a lazy personality. Just like him, Sherb’s house is mainly blue on the exterior, which makes it one of the most comforting-looking houses in the entire game. You might have guessed it by its personality, but Sherb really loves food, relaxing, and sleeping, which follows at perfection his overall look and initial catchphrase, which is “bawwww”. He is a Capricorn guy, as his birthday is on January 18th.

3. Zucker

Zucker and Sherb relaxing by the bridge

The second out of the only three octopuses in the entire series, Zucker is a Piscesworld-famous lazy villager with a highly particular look. Zucker’s name on Japanese is Takoya, which might be a direct reference to a Japanese fried ball of dough snack which is usually minced with octopus (we got quite dark in here); that would explain his very outstanding appearance with a stick of bamboo on his head. Zucker’s birthday is on March 8th.

2. Marshal

Sleepy Marshal

Ever since his first appearance on Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Marshal has remained as one of the most popular villagers in the game. Marshal is a squirrel libra villager with a smug personality and a house interior that perfectly resembles a café (actually, in Happy Home Designer his Amiibo Card request is a world-famous café). While Marshal is a very friendly neighbor, his facial expression makes him look like he’s always annoyed. His birthday is on September 29th.

1. Raymond

Raymond chilling outside his house

All over the Animal Crossing series are 26 cat villagers that can move to your island, but none of them is like Raymond. First introduced on Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Raymond became an immediate internet phenomenon as soon as the game was released; he completely follows an office lifestyle as his initial clothing is a waistcoat and the interior of his house is basically an office. He has remained for the last year and a half as one of the most requested villagers on websites like Nookazon, where his average price is 5 million bells and 200 Nook Miles Tickets. Raymond’s personality is smug just as Marshal’s, and his birthday is on October 1st.

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