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Let the hunt begin!
Let the hunt begin!


Geralt can use either fast but weak attacks, or strong but slow attacks. A single attack will be composed of a combo of maneuvers. After the end of one such sequence, he can follow it up with another, creating an attack chain. Stringing together attacks in such a way requires precise timing, and there are many kinds of chain attacks for players to discover. You can even end the combo with a finishing move so brutal it’ll make you cringe and be glad you aren’t on the receiving end of Geralt’s blade.

When on the defensive, Geralt can parry blows, which can then be followed up with a riposte to the staggered enemy. Aching joints brought about by old age notwithstanding, Geralt is nimble and evades strikes by dodging and rolling.

A Combat Tree is available, allowing players to enhance Geralt’s fighting prowess. Combat has five branches, each with four tiers. Geralt has access to all first tier abilities, but he’ll have to spend points to avail of the other tiers.

The five branches include Fast Attack, Strong Attack, Defense, Markmanship, and Battle Trance. These govern everything from the speed and power of Geralt’s blows to the chance of landing a critical hit. The fifth branch, Battle Trance, concerns the generation of Adrenaline Points per successful strike. Adrenaline Points raise the damage Geralt deals to enemies.

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A most disarming encounter!

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BRamsay 5 years 4 months ago

Witcher 3 is one of my favorite games. It inspired me to pick up the novels. As an author, I'm very glad it did.

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