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Let the hunt begin!
Let the hunt begin!


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Nice blade you got there

Geralt uses swords and axes, which come in two types – steel and silver.

Steel weapons are most effective against non-magical opponents, such as humans and ordinary creatures like bears and wolves. When you’re up against a magical being such as a wraith, however, it’s best to stick it in the gut with good ole silver.

But how do you figure out which monster is which type? Worry not! Non-magical foes display red vitality bars, whereas magical beasts have silver bars. This way, you’ll know when to use which type of weapon.

Geralt can use a one-handed crossbow. This projectile weapon does minor harm, but it’s useful if you want to bring an airborne creature down to the ground. Different bolts types, each with a unique attribute, can be used as ammo for the crossbow.

Rounding up Geralt’s arsenal are bombs. A bomb can be quickly hurled at a distant enemy with a button tap. Holding down the button allows you to aim. There’s a diversity of bomb types at Geralt’s disposal, from those that fry opponents to those that rob them of their sight.

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BRamsay's picture

BRamsay 2 years 11 months ago

Witcher 3 is one of my favorite games. It inspired me to pick up the novels. As an author, I'm very glad it did.

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