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2. Arcanum: Of Steamworks And Magic Obscura (2001)

It might look dated but it feels timeless

Developer: Troika Games

Genre: Role-playing

Arcanum, Zephyr, Party, Zepellin, Steampunk, Game

Arcanum features a unique world where high fantasy collides with the steam engine

After having your party crashed (literally) by a squad of biplane-piloting orcs, you awaken in the smoldering ruins of what was once a luxurious blimp. The only other survivor seems to be dying, and he urges you to “find the boy” before his last breath.

The first child of the late Troika games, Arcanum gave us the potential to create and advance either a magic(k)ally or technologically inclined character, right before diving into a fantasy world that had recently discovered the steam engine. Every time you level up, you gain a point that can be spent to improve a trait or buy something new, and you will never have enough of these.

The degree of freedom offered by the title is impressive even today, and the various ways you can develop the storyline and your character keep it as fresh as anything else on the market.

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