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Fallout, Flag, Mask, Post-apocalyptic, Apocalypse, Game, RPG, Open world
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8. Wasteland 2 (2014)

You are not alone

Developer: inXile Entertainment

Genre: Role-playing

Wasteland 2, Prison, Party, Post-apocalyptic, Game, Turn-based, Tactics, RPG

Reminiscent of classic Fallout – but with a party

Lead an elite team of Desert Rangers, and investigate the mysterious death of one of your colleagues, Ace.

Being the sequel to the game that inspired the original Fallout, Wasteland 2 offers a top-down view on a turn-based battlefield. You lead and create a party of four, customizing them to your needs and desires (complete with appearance and backstory), and may be joined by up to three non-player characters.

What is amazing about Wasteland 2 is the sense of responsibility and loss the game imparts upon you. Like in the XCOM reboot, you cannot help everyone, but unlike the aforementioned game, this one directly shows you the consequences of your choice (the area you choose not to help might get exterminated to the last man, for instance). And that is what surviving the end of the world is all about.

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