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Fallout, Flag, Mask, Post-apocalyptic, Apocalypse, Game, RPG, Open world
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7. STALKER: Clear Sky (2008)

An enticing mixture of FPS and survival horror

Developer: GSC Game World

Genre: First-person shooter, survival horror

Stalker, Clear Sky, Zone, Post-Apocalyptic, FPS, Game

The Zone is as interesting to visit as it is dangerous

After the Chernobyl disaster, the area around it (nicknamed the Zone) has started exhibiting supernatural anomalies. Scar, the man we get to play as, possesses a mysterious immunity to some deadlier anomalies, and is sent in to investigate the area and save lives.

Clear Sky is an FPS game with some elements of horror and RPGs thrown in for good measure. Ammunition and necessities are scarce and need to be conserved. Scar himself can take part in the faction wars that rage across the Zone, and trade with various affiliated and unaffiliated characters for supplies and stronger gear.

The factions themselves will fight with each other regardless of whether you help them or not, which helps immersion a lot. If you want to feel like part of a living, breathing post-doomsday world, and don’t care much for zombies, then you should at least try this title.

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