Top 5 Best Melee Weapons in State of Decay 2 and How to Get Them

Best Melee Weapons in State of Decay 2
Always aim for the brain

What Are The Best Melee Weapons in State of Decay 2?

Everyone knows that noise attracts zombies. They want to know where the party is at! To avoid these unwanted guests, using a melee weapon is your best option and there are plenty of them that you will find in your scavenging adventures.

There are two types of players in a zombie fight. The hack and slash and the bludgeoner. You either like to slice through that dead flesh or pound its innards into nothing. I personally like to hack them to pieces with a sharp edge but bashing their brains in will surely do the trick. At the end of the day, we all want a weapon that will withstand an unexpected horde.

5. Apocalypse Sword

Look how pointy it is.

“A heavy Chinese was sword issued in the second World War, highly regarded for its potential to remove limbs in a single stroke.”

The Apocalypse sword has maxed out stats in dismember, quietness and speed. It has medium stats on impact and durability with a high stat in ease of use. This is overall a very solid weapon with having maxed out stats in three areas. It does have a zero knockdown, but that is not surprising since it is a bladed weapon. Slice through those rotting limbs as if they were butter.

How to obtain: This is a weapon that you can get from a supply drop that you request on your walkie.

4. Replica Bastard Sword

Your chance to slay a beast with this nifty sword.

“Though made in modern times, this weapon was lovingly forged with intense attention to detail.”

The Replica Bastard Sword is maxed out in dismember, quietness and speed. It has medium stats in lethality and max durability. Low stats in impact and zero stats for knockdown and ease of use. These stats are solid and the sword itself is big and pretty (making it difficult to use). You could get a knight and shining armor complex wielding this bad boy.

How to obtain: You can find this through scavenging.

3. Persian Meel

Think of all the brains you can bash.

“Ancient wrestlers used clubs like this one for exercise. In a strong pair of hands it’ll deliver a devastating blow.”

The Persian Meel has maxed out stats in impact and knockdown. It has high stats in quietness and speed. Low stats in ease of use, lethality and medium stats in max durability. The dismember is at zero but that is because this is a blunt weapon. The stats are overall amazing on this beast. Knockdown the dead and take your anger out by bashing in their skulls.

How to obtain: Your best bet for finding this rare weapon is finding hidden weapon caches. Luck for you I have found a video of where to find some of these caches.

2. Monogear Axe

Sometimes you have to get crafty with making weapons.

“It may have started as a bicycle gear, but now it exists only to cleave zombie skulls.”

The Monogear Ax has maxed out stats in dismember, quietness and speed. It has high stats in ease of use. Medium stats in impact, max durability and lethality. It has low stats in knockdown. Not only is this ax a beast, it is also uber cool looking. It is nice to have a weapon with overall good stats and you won’t drive yourself nuts trying to look for one since it is not a rare weapon.

How to obtain: This is an item that can be found in weapon caches.

1. Bastard of Belleau Wood

It may look small but the power is undeniable.

“This thing must be a century old, but it’s immaculately maintained, with a well-worn hands and brutal serrated edge. An inscription can be found on the blade, worn down but still barely legible: ‘Come on, you sons of bitches, do you want to live forever?’ SGT MAJ D.D. USMC 6/6/18”

The Bastard of Belleau Wood has maxed out stats in dismember, lethality, speed and quietness. High stats in ease of use. Low stats in impact and max durability. Stats are at zero for knockdown. This weapon is truly a killing machine. It does not look that impressive, but those looks are deceiving. This can be a one hitter with the right survivor, but it is so easy to use that even your weakling can hide behind this beautiful blade.

How to obtain: This is one of the more difficult items to get and it may take you awhile. They can be found in rare weapon caches.

Here is a video that will show you where to find some of these rare weapon caches.

Finding a good weapon can be difficult and it may take a while to find but having one can make your game play easier and you will probably last a lot longer.

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