Top 10 State of Decay 2 Best Traits (Survival)

State of Decay 2 Best Traits
Find the best survivors to rebuild society.

Finished your first play-through of State of Decay 2? Try again with another group of survivors so that you can get a better feel for how important the right traits and skills are for your clan.

Patient gamers who are willing to sit through a few roles of the die can find some traits that can take their survivors from mortals to zombie-killing machines. Here are the top 10 starting traits in State of Decay 2.

10. Just Keeps Going

+ 45 Max Stamina, - 50% Fatigue Severity

Anyone who has waded into a crowd of zombies only to run out of stamina and watch their helpless survivor get torn limb from limb can attest to the importance of stamina in SoD2. “Just keeps going” provides a huge 45 point stamina buff on top of the base 100 points. A character who has upgraded their cardio skill to “marathoner” can just as easily run away from an approaching horde instead of risking their lives jumping right in and swinging away.

9. Unbreakable

- 100% Injury Chance, + 45 Max Health

Unbreakable is a very rare but very valuable trait. A 100% reduction to injury chance could mean the difference between life and death if you're ever caught out in the wild by a feral. A health boost of 45 points is the largest buff in the game and can save your skin whether you're dodging stray bullets or hacking through zombie fangs.

8. Determined

+ 20 Max Stamina, + 20 Max Health, Not easily frustrated

Determined provides less considerable buffs to both health and stamina than some of the more specialized traits, making it perfect for players who like to adopt a balanced playstyle. A survivor with the “Determined” trait can fight or flee at will, making it a great all-around choice. Even better, a determined survivor is not easily frustrated, meaning that they won't damage moral even when they're forced to live with some... challenging roommates.

7. Incredible Immune System

+ 100 Infection Resistance

A survivor with a great immune system only takes half the damage to their infection meter when struck by a plague zombie. Coupled with one of the health and/or injury buffing traits, you can create a perfect tank for taking out a plague heart. This is a basic trait, but it can save you tons of meds in creating plague cures down the road, freeing those resources up for trade of base improvements.

6. Immortal

+ 45 Max Health, - 50% Injury Severity

Immortal is another trait that can almost guarantee a character's survival through a whole playthrough. Take a friend along with the immortal trait while you take control of one of your weaker survivors and you'll have a perfect tank to absorb punishment while you're rookie character can do some damage and level up.

5. Lived at High Altitude

+ 30 Max Stamina

While not the best stamina buff in the game, the high-altitude trait can still turn your survivor into an aerobic monster. A skilled player with a strong blunt weapon and a big pool of stamina points can easily clear a building with ease. A survivor merely needs to walk through the door of their local zombie hive, pull out their favorite sledgehammer, and start swingin' for the fences.

4. Confident

+ 20 Max Health, + 50% Standing Rewards

A survivor who has been imbued with confidence receives a nice 20 point boost to their health. Compared to some of the other health-related traits on this list, 20 points might not seem like much, but confident survivors also get a 50% increase to all standing rewards, making this a great trait with zero downside.

3. Hard to Kill

+ 45 Max Health, - 50% Injury Severity

Hard to Kill is yet another juggernaut of a stat. Coupled with one of the stamina traits and “Incredible Immune System”, you can create a borderline invincible survivor. Truly dedicated players can try to generate a player with the “driver” skill, a fatigue reducing trait, and “Hard to Kill”, leaving you with an unstoppable survivor who can drive all night and take a ton of punishment while he's at it.

2. Ascetic / Eats Like a Bird

-50% food consumption

While not as glamorous as some of the giant stat boosts, the decreased food consumption traits are some of the few with zero downside that can prove invaluable in a pinch. A survivor who is willing to forego their own meals to help keep your compound well-fed can be a worthy addition to your team, regardless of their remaining abilities. A survivor with good stats coupled with one of these lean and mean skills can be a mainstay in any of your playthroughs moving forward.

1. Hopeful

+6 Morale

Hopeful is a stat that offers only an upside. There's no catch, no trick, just treats. A 6+ morale bonus can be a great help when the rest of your survivors are argumentative but talented. You've found a survivor with a great skill or trait, but maybe they have terrible personal hygiene or fashion sense. You can take that talented diva onboard and deal with the arguments in stride as long as you have another survivor who can balance out the morale drain and keep the peace back home. Who knows, maybe with enough time you'll all be singing Kumbaya around a bonfire of zombie corpses... maybe.

While it may require some extra time, waiting to start a game with a talented group of survivors can make all the difference when surviving the perils of State of Decay 2. A society is only as strong as its weakest member, and the zombie apocalypse is no time to be carrying dead weight around. Surround yourself with strong followers and you just might make it out alive.

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