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Fallout, Flag, Mask, Post-apocalyptic, Apocalypse, Game, RPG, Open world
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9. State of Decay (2015)

Explore a zombie-infested open world

Developer: Undead Labs

Genre: Stealth, survival horror, role-playing, third-person shooter, simulation

State of decay, Zombies, Execution, Open world, Game

The executions are thoroughly satisfying

After returning from a fishing trip, you find the world ravaged by a zombie apocalypse. Salvaging what you can, you try to organize the survivors and live through the horror.

State of Decay is an unbelievably detailed zombie apocalypse simulator disguised as an open world video game. It will have you rescue NPCs, build and manage a base, go on supply runs, send your allies on their own missions, and everything else you can think of.

An incredible feature is the fact that the game will keep advancing whether you actually do anything or not, so the zombies will swarm and overrun areas if not taken care of, and the NPCs will do things by themselves, upgrading their skills.

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