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Shadowrun Dragonfall
Is the Second Return Better than the First?


Stealth isn't a huge component, but it still comes in to play

Stealth is not a huge component of the game, but it does come in to play.

Shadowrun Dragonfall is, in many ways, the game that I hoped Shadowrun Returns would be. Rather than funnelling the player through a rigidly predetermined storyline, Dragonfall lets them play as either saints or sinners of the underworld, and forge their own distinctive path through the narrative. It probably won’t convert players who disliked Shadowrun Returns for the combat, text-driven storytelling, or cyberpunk setting, but it does more than enough to appease those of us in the hardcore computer roleplaying game crowd.

Harebrained Schemes have amply demonstrated both their storytelling chops, and their dedication to the Shadowrun license with Dragonfall. Personally, I can’t wait to see what they do next with Shadowrun Hong Kong, but if you haven’t played Dragonfall already, then I suggest waiting not a minute longer.

Mean streets

Mean streets

Final verdict: 8/10

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