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Shadowrun Dragonfall
Is the Second Return Better than the First?


Cover mechanics

Knowing when to grab cover, and when to break cover, is essential.

Shadowrun Dragonfall is set in the “Flux State”-controlled city of Berlin. The Flux State is pretty much what the name would imply: A semi-stable anarchy where power is in constant flux between different powers and interests, without a centralized ruling body of any sort. Consequently, Berlin is even more lawless than most other cities in the Shadowrun universe, making it a land of opportunity for fortune seekers and belly crawlers everywhere; including shadowrunners like you.

As you explore Berlin, undertaking contracts and tracking down leads, you will gradually learn more about its tumultuous past. Murderous cults following the demonic “Horned Man” totem, and the nefarious “Black Lodge” are bad enough, but the Great Dragon Feurschwang is a name still whispered in fear.

On the run

On the run.

It was 42 years ago, on the day that magic returned to the world, when Feuerschwinge descended like an exterminating angel on Germany. It took German forces four months and countless lives to finally bring Feuerschwinge down—an event that was later dubbed the “Dragonfall.”

Lately, the whispers have been growing louder, and some of them seem to suggest that Feuerschwinge may yet live.

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