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free fighting games
Fighting games have been around for a long time and have put their roots in many different kinds of games

4. Toribash

Toribash gameplay

There are very few games that can still be interesting and entertaining over a decade after their release, but Toribash manages to do just that. Having originally been released in 2006, Toribash is still actively played to this day and offers a unique fighting game experience that hasn’t really been recreated.

Toribash is a unique fighting game because it is the only turn-based fighting game on this list. What that means is that the two players each take turns manipulating the limbs of your character and try to read what your opponent will be doing. The strategy and very specific skill set required to be good at Toribash makes it a unique and fascinating game that is still captivating to this day.

Toribash allows you to manipulate every limb on your character to your heart’s content

The best Toribash players know how to manipulate their characters to do anything they want

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