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free fighting games
Fighting games have been around for a long time and have put their roots in many different kinds of games

2. Battlerite

Battlerite gameplay

When it comes to pure moment to moment action, not other game on this list fills that role quite as well as Battlerite. As a new take on the arena fighter genre, Battlerite has burst onto the scene and found a way to engross many people who would otherwise scoff at it.

On the surface, Battlerite has the appearance of a MOBA, but this is only a facade as once you get a feel for the game is when you realize its roots are more grounded in the fighting game genre. Arena fighters have been around for a while, but Battlerite manages to place it in a mold to capture the MOBA fans heart with a familiar layout and control scheme, while still allowing for the skill and mechanical abilities that you would want in your typical fighting game. With 27 characters to choose from, you’ll find yourself learning unique interactions and combos to propel yourself up the ranks in this truly skill intensive game.

Battlerite allows you to team up with your friends to dominate your foes

You’ll find yourself finding new ways to combine your skills for hours and hours before you can perfect your character

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