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free fighting games
Fighting games have been around for a long time and have put their roots in many different kinds of games

6. Long Live Santa!

Long Live Santa gameplay

It’s very rare where you can say a game gives you a unique experience, but Long Live Santa somehow manages to do that with its concept. Long Live Santa has you wake as a potential replacement Santa as you battle other potential Santas to the death in combat and I can truly say that I can’t think of another game that can deliver the same experience.

Long Live Santa is a multiplayer fighter where you are pitted against several other players to be the last Santa standing. You can either take your enemies down via unarmed combat or by picking up weapons you find along the way. It’s somewhat simple but it’s truly invigorating once you get a good kill streak going and become the true Santa Claus.

The situations in Long Live Santa will keep you entertained for hours

You can pick up weapons along the way and fight for supremacy

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