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free fighting games
Fighting games have been around for a long time and have put their roots in many different kinds of games

9. The Ultimatest Battle

The Ultimatest Battle gameplay

Very few fighting games offer deep customization for your characters, but this is the main feature that The Ultimatest Battle hangs its hat on. In addition to the deep customization, The Ultimatest Battle also offers a team-based fighting experience that you can’t find in many other fighting games.

The Ultimatest Battle is a six on six team-based fighter where you and a your team battle together to take down the enemy team and complete the objective. You have six different modes to choose from which range between the standard deathmatch and the Save the Princess mode where one team has to protect their princess from the enemy team. The main feature that The Ultimatest Battle boasts is the vast customization of its weapons to make the gameplay of your character fit your unique tastes. Along with its fully destructible environments, The Ultimatest Battle has plenty of features to keep your interest.

The six on six battles make for some truly hectic situations

The destructible environments add a layer of strategy to the game

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