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free fighting games
Fighting games have been around for a long time and have put their roots in many different kinds of games

3. Dungeon Fighter Online

Dungeon Fighter Online gameplay

Not a lot of games can claim to excel at two different styles, however Dungeon Fighter Online can make that claim and not be lying. Dungeon Fighter Online manages to bring a side-scrolling beat em up and a fighting game together into a blissful union to make something truly amazing.

Dungeon Fighter Online allows you choose from 15 different character classes that each branch into their own upgraded class. All of these different classes each have their own unique skills and abilities to be mastered that can truly test your skill. While the primary game is a side-scrolling beat em up, there is a very active community in the PvP arena which truly can test your skill and would match any true fighting game with what you’re capable of doing.

The amount of skills available to your character allows you to play the way you want

Go into the arena to test your abilities one on one

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