Batman: Arkham Knight Villains Revealed. Get To Know All 9 of Them: Page 5 of 9

Batman: Arkham Knight Villains Revealed. Get To Know All Nine of Them
The streets of Gotham City are darker.

5) The Penguin (aka Oswald Cobblepot)

A powerful crime lord in Gotham City.

The Penguin (aka Oswald Cobblepot) is one of the top crime bosses in the Gotham underword. Unlike other Batman villains with colorful motives, the Penguin has two simple priorities: business and respect. Oswald Cobblepot was born with physical deformities that earned him the nickname "Penguin".

He quickly rose to the top of the Gotham crime world, becoming one of the most feared bosses in the city.The Penguin's hideout is the Iceberg Lounge, which holds his collection of priceless artifacts and animal exhibits. He even displays his enemies behind glass like carnival freaks. The Penguin is even choosy with whom he employs, forcing candidates to fight each other to the death for a job opportunity. 

Batman: Arkham Knight welcomes the Penguin's third appearance in the game franchise.

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