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Batman: Arkham Knight Villains Revealed. Get To Know All Nine of Them
The streets of Gotham City are darker.

2) Harley Quinn (aka Dr. Harleen Quinzel)

Add-on playable character available for pre-order.

Harley Quinn (aka Dr. Harleen Quinzel)was once a criminal psychologist until she fell in love with an inmate of Arkham Asylum. That inmate just so happened to be the most murderous and deprived monster of Gotham City: The Joker.

They escaped together and began a love crime-spree against Batman's crusade of justice. Harley Quinn is one of the most loved characters in comic books. Her childish but deadly personality proves to be a match for all who stand in her way--including Batman. Harley has been made famous by Batman: The Animated Series, the Suicide Squad comics, and the Arkham game series.

Harley Quinn is availabe for pre-order as an add-on playable character. She will have her own challenge maps, harlequin-themed weapons, gadgets, and abilities. The star add-on player of the previous game (Batman: Arkham Origins) was Deathstroke. Harley Quinn is one of the few characters to have appeared in all four Arkham games. Gamers will finally embrace Harley from her perspective.

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