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Batman: Arkham Knight Villains Revealed. Get To Know All Nine of Them
The streets of Gotham City are darker.

6) The Riddler (aka Edward Nigma)

Obsession with the mind and intellectual superiority.

The Riddler (aka Edward Nigma) is a criminal like no other. His penchant for riddles comes from one desire: to prove that the Riddler is the top brain in Gotham City. The Riddler's modus operandi isn't simply riddles and puzzles. He places hostages into deathtraps that Batman is forced to find and solve before it's 'game over'.

The Riddler's capabilities go further when he employs spies to infiltrate the other villains' gangs. The Riddler has eyes and ears all over Gotham. He will not stop until he has outsmarted Batman, whom the Riddler considers his intellectual match. The Riddler is one of the few villains to have appeared in every Arkham game thus far. 'Riddler Trophies' have become a staple of these games, which Batman must find in order to complete the 'Riddler Challenges'.

The Riddler will also be featured as the main antagonist of the novelized prequel: Batman: Arkham Knight - The Riddler's Gambit, now available for pre-order. On June 23, Batman: Arkham Knight will reveal what the Riddler has next in store.

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