8 Reasons Why Gal Gadot Will Be an Awesome Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Known to some as Princess Diana of Themyscira, the Amazonian demigoddess, and founding member of the Justice League
Just How Good Was DC Comics Choice of Gal Gadot As Wonder Woman?

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Known to some as Princess Diana of Themyscira, the Amazonian demigoddess, and founding member of the Justice League

In the early part of 2016, DC Comics introduced us to the new cast of the Justice League franchise in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Although it focused primarily on the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel, the character that really stole the show was Wonder Woman. It only took 70 years or so for Wonder Woman to have her feature film debut. We didn’t get the chance until near the end of the film to watch this badass demigoddess in action, but we were lucky enough to be teased throughout the film. Building the suspense for her action scenes.

Looking deeper into why Wonder Woman’s appearance in the film so iconic, you must meet the lovely actor behind the indestructible bracelets and tiara. Actor Gal Gadot, has all the traits and tools associated with being Wonder Woman. This makes her the most awesome choice to be Diana Prince.

1)  Has The Look


Gal Gadot like any good actor is making the role fit her. Not the other way around. In a society filled with judgment and body shaming, she simply takes that criticism and creates a Wonder Woman more fitting to society. Wonder Woman’s comic book physique could never possibly be attained, nor should it be. It’s important for being who see Gal as Wonder Woman as a symbol for woman. No matter what you may look like, looks are deceiving. You are more powerful than anyone can see.

For some, they stuck to bashing the choice of Gal Gadot because of her physical body appearance. Gal Gadot has a background in being a model, as well as being Miss Israel. Although she has a model-like physique with being tall, thin, and strikingly beautiful, Wonder Woman’s physique typically has much higher muscle mass to her. This is just a comic loophole though. Because there have been male actors casted for superhero roles who have super strength and don’t have the muscular physique to match it either. Like, the newest Spiderman portrayed by Tom Holland.

2)  Stand Up for Herself

Gal Gadot has a serious background in ass-kicking. As anyone a fan of the Fast and the Furious franchise can tell you, she knows how to take care of herself just fine. You may not though, in every movie she’s done that requires some action, she does her own stunts. That’s right people, this former model is no pushover. Just like Wonder Woman character.

Gal is from the middle-Eastern country of Israel. For those who aren’t aware of the requirements for all Israeli citizens, you must serve a minimum of 2 years in their military training. This is exactly the kind of background you’d hope to find in an actor portraying a super hero. You want it to look and feel real, more like a reaction than a choreographed move. Gal doesn’t need Wonder Woman to stand up for herself. She can do just fine on her own.

3)  Fighting Skills

Like mentioned above, Gal Gadot served 2 years of military service as required by her home country of Israel. You’re talking about 2 whole years of hand-to-hand combat training. Not to mention, survival training and weapons training. So not only can she throw a serious punch or two, but she can also take one. Gal taught combat training actually in her 2 years there. She taught soldiers how to fight! She has amassed quite the set of skills moves during her life. She basically is a weapon just as Gal Gadot. Translate that over to being Wonder Woman and you have yourself the perfect candidate.

Wonder Woman is about 5,000 years old. That’s a lot of time to perfect ones fighting skills and technique. Although Gal is only 4,970 years younger, you should admit, how many actors really do have training experience in combat? Almost none. You will struggle to find actors before the get a role that have the training history Gal has to offer. There no question as to why she’s going to be awesome at being Wonder Woman.

Also, take into her history working in the Fast and the Furious franchise. She had to go through choreographed training for fighting skills (like she need it). But this build her resume for action even further. If you’re not sold yet on Gal, you should be.

4)  She’s Not American

Aside from Wonder Woman’s uniform colors being red, white, and blue, there’s not much American about her. Wonder Woman is Amazonian, from the isle of Themyscira. This makes her appearance exotic in nature. For those who may be unaware, Gal Gadot was born and raised in Israel. This characteristic of both Gal and Wonder Woman, line up perfect within each other.

 5)  Athletic

It seems like there always is at least one requirement to being an action star or superhero. You’ve got be athletic. You can be the greatest actor in the world, but when it comes to actual stunts and fight scene, nobody wants to see their favorite characters look robotic and unsmooth. Athleticism brings with it the ability to take movements, and skills and make them look clean, reaction-like.

With a background in the Israeli military as well as undergoing fight and sword training, Gal Gadot definitely fills the need to be athletic. She has and does train hard. The results are the incredible stunts and action fights she’s willing to do for our entertainment. I think even Diana Prince would raise a drink to her.

6)  Strong


A lot of people get hung up on this word being physically strong. In the superhero universe, you know better than to limit this word just to the damage they emit. Being strong runs deeper than just muscles. There’s no denying that Wonder Woman is just as strong as any of her male superhero counterparts. But, just like Gal Gadot, it’s the inner strength that she brings more of to the table.

You’re talking about a woman who endures her own stunts. Not being fearful, or intimidated by getting hurt. Mentally she’s stronger than most. Even in her commitment. When she found out she’s was going to be the new Wonder Woman she was overjoyed. Then quickly got into the gym for training. She spent a year training, including sword training for the role. That’s not something someone of weak mind does.

Also, you can see even in her few appearances in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice that her onscreen character was strong in how she held herself. Confident but not cocky. Self-assure, while maintain a hint of mystery. She was never intimidated. That’s exactly how the real Wonder Woman should act.

Physically she may not possess the same strength of her onstage alter ego, but mentally she may be even stronger.

7)  Has Integrity

From when she got the role in 2013, she had high expectations for herself being Wonder Woman. This is exactly what us comic crazy fans want to hear. Finally, someone who is taking this as serious as us!

Gadot knows the importance of capturing Wonder Woman’s self-reliance. She really doesn’t need the help of anyone, but she can work great with any team. When it came down to screen performance, she looks to have nailed how independent Wonder Woman truly is. Go back to movie, the scene where she “borrows” the flash drive that Bruce Wayne steals. She admitted she couldn’t hack into it, but never asked Bruce for help. She tried, and ultimately failed, but she did it own her own.

Gadot also mention in an interview that Wonder Woman helped Superman and Batman by her own accord, as her own hero. Knowing that some work takes a real woman to handle.

8)  Idol for Children

It’s important for both boys and girls to have a strong female superhero to idolize. She’s a mother, and you know she wants to create a good idol with strong morals for her child to look up to.

You can never go wrong with Wonder Woman. In many ways, she’s a lot like Captain America. They have steadfast and righteous morals. They know the right thing during any situation and always stick to it. For instance, when Wonder Woman finds Thor’s hammer and is worth enough to lift it, but chooses not to use it to fight a fair fight.

You also have a great hero to look up to regarding independence. Wonder Woman has proven she doesn’t need the help of others, she plenty strong enough on her own to get the job done. But she’s also a great team player and knows the role to play within the group.

Gadot knows this, and knows the effect of capturing this in her work as Wonder Woman. She’s said in an interview that she wants kids to see Wonder Woman not for how she looks, but how she acts. What she stands for. It’s actors Gadot that makes you want to root for themf. She has great passion for this and the role. I strongly believe she will in the end deliver her goals, and you’ll see plenty of boys and girls wanting to be Wonder Woman when they play. It will all be because of Gal Gadot.

In 2017, we will get the very first feature film of Wonder Woman. It will also be the very first lead female superhero movie ever. If we can take anything away from Gal Gadot’s preference thus far in her portrayal of Wonder Woman, it’s that she’s creating her own Wonder Woman, while maintaining the one we grew up knowing. One that will reflect her goals, and the goals of fulfilling a great portrayal. These reasons show just how awesome it was that DC Comics choose a perfect Wonder Woman in Gal Gadot.

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