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Best Occult Comics
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How’s it going comic enthusiasts, from mystical adventures to dark gritty tale’s occult has given us countless tales to keep you up at night turning the pages in awe of the magic unleashing before your very eyes. But what comic books on the occult are going to dazzle you, draw you in and leave you begging for more. If that’s your question don’t worry because today we count down the top 15 comics on the occult.

15. Doctor Fate (2nd Series) #11

Doctor Strange in his most dangerous adventure

Doctor Fate is one of the most powerful magic users in the DC universe, maybe the most powerful. But as strong as he is, is his power of the occult strong enough to face the pure evil of Darkseid? With the power of Nabu on his side, he may have a fighting chance.


14. Demon #1

The debut of Etrigan goes down in history as a classic

Demon brings us the demon Etrigan and his occult member counterpart Jason Blood. Packed with fun dialogue (as Etrigan has a habit of speaking in rhymes). Once summoned to defeat a witch, but as victory became futile Etrigan was bound to a peasant named Jason who would go on to slaughter countless victims till he lost his sanity, leading to Etrigan severing Jason’s memories of him. But fate unfortunately rears its ugly head, as Jason unwittingly summons Etrigan back to the world. Can Jason Blood free himself from his curse or will he forever be tied to Etrigan the Demon.


13. Books of Magic Book I: The Invisible Labyrinth

journey of wonder begins here

Faced with a dream come true for many, young Timothy is granted the opportunity to become a powerful spell caster in his world. But to do this he must learn what it truly means to hold such power and is now tasked with a journey to discover the occult underworld history, hidden before his eyes for years.


12. Justice League (2011) #0

Shazam given the opportunity he deserves

In this classic DC 0 issue we get a revamped origin of Shazam. A young, angry Billy Batson is given a final opportunity with a great family still resilient to the idea of family. Billy turns his back on them only to be whisked into the world of Mamaragan the posesser of the magic force passed down from the gods. With no choice left Mamaragan give’s Billy the power of Shazam to defeat the first receiver of this great power Black Adam. How will Billy handle his new magical powers, let alone a man strong enough to beat Superman?


11. The Countdown to Mystery (Vol. 1) # 1

The origin of one of the best Doctor Fates

As the helmet of Nabu endlessly searches for a new host it happens upon Kent V Nelson. Kent soaking wet places the helmet upon his head only to unearth all the previous memories of Doctor Fate. A great starting place for fans looking to get into the mystical side of the DC universe and fans looking to discover Doctor Fate's long history.


10. Doctor Strange & Doctor Doom: Triumph and Torment

The most unlikely duo

With a rare team up with two of Marvel comics most powerful magic users. This comic pairs these two rivals to stop Mephisto as he’s captured the soul of Doctor Doom’s Mother. Strange is summoned to Indonesia over mysterious circumstances when arriving he discovers it’s a trap and now the two sorcerers must battle Mephisto in an attempt to save Dooms mothers soul as well as their own.


9. Zatanna (1993) #1

Retirement has never been so hard

The long tenured JLA member, Zatanna finally gets a chance to show her star power. Cutting ties with the magical realm, Zatanna just wants to live a normal life. But the truth is she’s one of the most powerful mages in all of DC as this becomes more evident and an attack on her city erupts Zatanna has no choice but to live up to her lineage as the best sorceress in the universe.


8. Night of the Ghoul

In the page's to the screen's Night of the Ghoul will frighten you no matter what your doing

Night of the Ghoul is a spine numbing tale, Forest our protagonist is a man passionate about films he is searching through old film when he finds forgotten footage that was better off lost to time. As the film play’s we discover that the ghoulish monster haunting the silver screen is now haunting our protagonist. Will this be Forest's 15 minutes of fame or will the spirit haunting this film finally get its final act?


7. New Teen Titans (1984) # 3

Raven and the Titans must perserve the fate of the world

As the newly reformed Titans search for their lost comrade Raven they stumble upon a creature far more ferocious than they could have imagined; Trigon! Raven's father.With magical powers that could destroy the entire DC universe, can the Titans prove themselves against the most powerful Dark Art user in their Universe in this amazing comic?


6. Hellboy Seed of Destruction # 1

Just Another Demon WWII brought

From his devilish origin in WWII to his current form. Hellboy the world's greatest paranormal investigator has grown into a fan favorite, and the ghoul hunter got his start here. Learn how Hellboy bursts into life and grows up to become the occult's worst nightmare.


5. Sandman (1989) #1

Evil begets and even bigger evil

With vibrantly eerie  artwork filling every page and a story to keep you awake at night it’s no wonder as to why Sandman has been a staple on comic shelves since the late eighties. As an occult tries to resurrect death they resurrect Sandman; imprisoning him for decades with magic one day The Sandman play’s his card and releases himself. What does this mean for his captors? More importantly, what does this mean for his universe?


4. Doctor Strange #169

Doctor Strange in his first official comic run!

A talented surgeon with a growing ego, Strange is at the top of his craft and he knows it recklessly driving he ends up crippling his hands. Left with nothing, Strange is lost until he finds the power magic and tutor willing to show him a world he thought impossible. The tale of Doctor Strange is a lesson in ego and bettering yourself. As well a deep dive into all things magical in the Marvel universe.


3. Spawn #1

Gory, Gritty, action packed, everything a comic needs

When the top assassin is set up and murdered Al Simmons is sent to hell, but in a twist of ironic fortune Al Simmons is tasked with becoming Spawn. A comic filled with gore, explosive action, and a deep dive into a gritty magical underworld, filled with creatures directly from hell or conjured by demons. Spawn is a fun look in the underworld and everything dark and gory for sure a must read for any comic fan looking for occult comics.


2. Hellblazer #41

A pack a day brings the demons your way

John Constantine is brash, confident, calm and cool, traits common in a man who’s seen the worst horrors unfold in front of his eyes and that was just a Monday. So what could kill a man who’s defeated the worst of the worst hell has thrown his way? His own addiction, Constantine is faced with his own mortality as he’s diagnosed with lung cancer. How will a man who fights death everyday overcome his own? Find out in this classic occult issue.


1. Green Arrow (2001) #1

The best comic on occults and portion of what Oliver Queen has to offer

With the excitement of Oliver Queen returning as the Green Arrow was, the story delivered was even more exciting. The Green Arrow was resurrected how? By magic of course. The justice league scrambles to uncover this mystery, at the same time Oliver Queen is thrown into a duel with the occult as he tries to discover the mystery of a missing boy. With magic at the heart of the story and a gripping tale to bat, there’s very few better than this comic. 

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