Top 15 Best High School Comics

Best High School Comics
High School Drama seems like nothing now

High School could mean a lot of things for each individual, but one thing it was for everyone is a stepping stone to the path of your future and for our comic heroes it’s even more true. With many stories and settings starting where we all begin our journey. High School is an exciting and mysterious time for us all and in the world of comics there’s no exception. From outside adversity, to in school drama, every high school has their fair share of excitement but which High School can lay claim to the best High School Comic?

15. Awkward

Learning how to navigate high school one page at a time

First day back at school and Penelope Torres is already stressing on how to navigate her brand new school, when of course she trips up the quiet boy everyone begins to pick on her. Now Penelope must learn how to deal with mass ridicule from her school while discovering just because someone's quiet doesn’t mean they’re not interesting.


14. Ninja High School # 8

An American interpretation of Japanese manga

In this comic inspired by manga, ninjas, and mages train to become masters in their action-filled high school, but even with all the rigorous training, death defying missions, Jeremy is faced with a problem we’ve all had, dealing with two women competing for his affection. Well maybe we haven’t all had that horror so we can live vicariously instead. In this amazing comic.


13. School is Hell: A Cartoon Book

Some of Matt Groening's finest work

From the creator of the Simpsons, Matt Groening delivers a satirical take on high school in his classic life is hell series. From takes on teachers that feel too close to home. Or how it feels going to the bathroom in the concrete jungle known as high school. Matt Groening manages to knock another one out of the park.


12. Buffy the Vampire Slayer High School is Hell

A retelling of a classic series

In a current time re-imagining the story of Buffy the Vampire has been brought back to the beginning. Taking on High School during the day and the vampire underworld at night. This take on Buffy gives new readers a chance to get into the series and understand established relationships while switching the story up to keep readers of old eagerly flipping pages.


11. Bully Wars # 1

A bigger fish enters the pond

This hilarious page turner takes the classic saying there’s always a bigger fish and turns it on its head. The school bully since kindergarten is finally bested not knowing where to turn he looks to the kids he bullied. Now the nerds must make a decision to help their life long tormentor or face the possibilities the stronger bully could possibly rain down upon them.


10. Stranger Things Kamchatka # 1

High school doesn't seem so hard now

After the gang was torn apart, the loveable cast finally reunites in high school discovering that not everything stays the same in life, except for the upside down it’ll always be there to kill you. Left with no option the gang must reunite and finish the Russian organization behind it all once and for all.


9. Gotham Academy # 7

From the university that brought you pain and suffering, brings you more pain and suffering

Gotham Academy is a prep school that not many would dream to go to, but the ones who do are thrown head first into a world in of itself surrounded by four walls. But in this issue the mysteries aren’t the only thing lurking the halls at night; tonight they're joined by Damian Wayne. Can Robin help the students uncover the secrets of Gotham Academy or will it remain a secret forever?


8. Rick and Morty # 11

Let's get Rickity wrecked son

Just like the TV series the Rick and Morty comic puts our unconventional heroes in intense situations. To fast track Morty's education he takes him to a high school simulation to get his degree in one day. But Rick being Rick pushes Morty too far causing him to be well a “Morty”.


7. Archie (2015 2nd Series) # 1

New look new Archie

Back for his second series with a new look, Archie has returned with a fresh breath of air but not for him. Entering into a brand new school year with many decisions to make along with life changing opportunities at his door. How will Archie's decision affect him but as well the entire story from here on out.


6. Junior High Horrors # 2

A hilarious must read parody comic

In this delightfully mysterious comic parodying horror icon legends, we’re brought onto a field trip with their weird bus driver. Our protagonist JV and his friends can’t even enjoy a field trip as the horrors of school follow them to the zoo tormenting each student. Will the students put a stop to their tormentors or just try and make the best of it in this hilarious comic.


5. Teen Titans Academy # 1

Heroe's bringing in the new generation

With every fresh batch of young, inexperienced, talented super heroes, comes a team of worthy heroes full of knowledge to unpack and who better than the original New Teen Titans. Our heroes of old will guide their young students in the way of being a Titan with the ultimate goal for one of them to take the title of Red X and lead the Teen Titans into the future.


4. My Hero Academia GN (2015- A Viz Digest) # 3

Join Izuku on his journey to become the greatest hero ever!

As Izuku Midoriya and the class are taking their hardest exam yet they are ambushed by a squad of villains. Just like Midoriya most students are young and inexperienced so if they plan to survive they must work together until All Might arrives.


3. Static Shock (2011 DC) # 1

Statics back and better than ever

In his brand new series Shock finds himself moving to a new school where he must make new friends while learning how to deal with being a teenage superhero. But not all is bad with a brand new internship from S.T.A.R.S Labs. How will Shock juggle school and battling with the villains of New York?


2. Kick-Ass # 3

A satirical take on super hereos and a hilarious high school tale combined into one amazing comic

After a street fight gone wrong ends up going viral across the internet. What should have been a life lesson backfires after his class ridicules him inspiring Kick-Ass to become better in this gritty realistic look on the Super Hero genre.


1. Invincible #1

An emotional roller coaster of a tale, and here's the perfect start

In recent years Invincible has bursted into the mainstream and issue one provides viewers everything they need to jump into this world. Mark is a normal high school student, trying to get by just like the rest of us, work a side job, keep up with homework, navigate social circles. That is until one day his Viltrumite powers begin to emerge, now he must try to live a normal high schoolers life while his Father teaches him what it truly means to be a Viltrumite.

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