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2. Sid Meier’s Civilization V

You can’t call yourself a true PC gamer unless you’ve spent at least one sleepless night playing a Civilization game.

In Civilization V, you’re given a randomly generated world to explore and exploit, an empire to build, and enemies to exterminate. Starting at the dawn of time, you grow your territory by conquering neighboring cities or founding new ones. And as the centuries progress, you’ll find that there are many alliances to be made, technologies to research, cultural marvels to build, and, of course, wars to be waged.


Going where no man has gone before!

You can bring prosperity to your people by nuking everyone else and forcing the entire world to bend the knee to you. Alternatively, you can be the first to show off your technological superiority by launching a vessel into orbit. You can also achieve the impossible and unite the world in peace, or win the cultural victory by impressing everybody with your vast collection of priceless paintings.

Trust us, you’ll be chanting “just one more turn” until the wee hours of the morning with Civilization V. Sounds like one of the best 2K games, to us!


Historical dignitaries await to shake your hand... or stab you in the back


Tank army

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tsheardy 1 year 11 months ago

Nioshock was my favorite game the year.

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