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Stealing your heart!
Stealing your heart!

3. Melonie Mac


The gamer girl. (Image from Melonie Mac)

Melonie Mac calls herself “eccentric” and a “grown-up professional child.” In our book, that translates to “super cool hot chick who’s into super cool stuff.”

Melonie is a gaming maniac, who streams and produces YouTube videos about – you guessed it – video games. We’d probably end up exhausting ourselves telling you about all the games she loves, so we’ll just mention a few: Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, Heroes of the Storm, Life is Strange, Child of Light, and World of Tanks.

She's also intelligent and well-spoken, often offering insightful views about geek-related stuff and relevant social issues such as sexual exploitation in gaming.

We wouldn’t mind getting MAC’D by Melonie because:

- She’s a huge fan of the Tomb Raider reboot, and even resembles Lara Croft. *SWOON*

- She’s also crazy about anime, and does great anime reviews.

- Her eyes are so dazzling they’ll make you forget your name.


Strong and beautiful! (Image from Melonie Mac)


Smile for the camera! (Image from Melonie Mac)


Ready to play! (Image from Melonie Mac)


Another day, another stream! (Image from Melonie Mac)

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Writer, Gamer, Dreamer
Gamer Since: 1986
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Top 3 Favorite Games:Dark Souls II, Bioshock Infinite, Dragon Age: Inquisition

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