10 Hottest Mortal Kombat Female Characters

Showdown for the title of hottest babe in Mortal Kombat!

Strong, sensual, erotic, these babes have it all...even four arms?

We all recognize the Mortal Kombat series as games that cater to a more mature audience. Primarily through gore, but more recently through the pure sex appeal of their female cast. So, let's discuss the hottest female characters in Mortal Kombat! Sound like fun? I thought so!

Before I start throwing out names of the most scantily clad ladies, there are some guidelines I have to stick to. Otherwise we risk twisting the very fabric of the universe...or at the very least, making a random mess of an otherwise gorgeous top 10 list. First off, we have to remember, this is a website dedicated to PC games. This means that I can't include games that didn't come out on PC. Sorry to all the huge Mortal Kombat fans, but it just wouldn't be fair. Imagine the lowly PC gamer drooling over the hotness of a virtual babe, knowing he'll forever be deprived of the pleasure of actually playing with said babe. Tragic, I know.

Luckily the recent years have been kind to us computer users and we got two great games! Especially the most recent, Mortal Kombat X, promises to bring nearly all the characters to the PC...in time...probably with DLC. At least we get glimpses of them in the story videos, but that's not enough to bring them to the list. Yep, that's right, only playable characters are acceptable. Only playable Mortal Kombat females that appear in the PC titles are allowed on the list. Sounds very limited, but believe it or not, there's plenty to enjoy still.

Finally, what did I base this whole ranking on? Apart from general sex-appeal of course. Often enough you see players discussing how some like Kitana because she's a princess, or Mileena's feisty evil attitude etc. Well, I'm not going into that. That's a matter of personal taste and besides, it's just lifeless pixels. Instead, I'm going with general visual appeal. Lifeless they may be, but they are pixels none the less and those pixels can paint a pretty picture. Now - on with the list!

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alexdaboss29 5 years 9 months ago

Why not Jade be the best one!That's my favorite...

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